Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The Never-Ending Gubernatorial Race

Go read Peter Kirsanow on the Washington Election on National Review Online right now. Good stuff. Points include:

* Election officials employed procedures that resulted in thousands more votes being counted than there were eligible voters.

* Provisional ballots were counted without first verifying that the voters were lawfully registered and hadn’t already voted.

* The Seattle Times reports that more than 700 provisional ballots were counted in King County without first verifying voter eligibility.

* Felons unlawfully cast votes.

* Officials counted the votes of persons who had died before the election.

* Military ballots were not sent out in a timely manner.

* Different standards for counting were used from county to county.

Between the Dems stealing elections and Republicans giving away everything they manage not to have stolen, there's no such thing as a two-party system anymore, is there?

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