Wednesday, May 04, 2005

How Democrat Racism Fuels the Filibustering of Judges.

Saw a link at Power Line to "Minority Rule?" at the Weekly Standard which explores the REAL reasons behind the unconstitutional tactics the Dems are using to smear and block Dubya's nominees.

You've heard the lies (they're "extreme" and similar rot) but have you noticed that the Dems - the folks who CLAIM to have nothing but love and compassion for women and minorities - are attacking mostly women and minorities and only offering compromises on WHITE MEN? Read on...

Senate Democrats also reportedly proposed a "compromise" of their own: Filibusters against Thomas Griffith and William Myers, nominated for the D.C. Circuit and Ninth Circuit respectively, would be dropped if Republicans would withdraw the nominations of Janice Rogers Brown and Priscilla Owen. But this bad deal just shows how afraid Senate Democrats are of Brown and Owen.

Why are Senate Democrats so afraid of conservative judicial nominees who are African Americans, Hispanics, Catholics, and women? Because these Clarence Thomas nominees threaten to split the Democratic base by aligning conservative Republicans with conservative voices in the minority community and appealing to suburban women. The Democrats need Bush to nominate conservatives to the Supreme Court whom they can caricature and vilify, and it is much harder for them to do that if Bush nominates the judicial equivalent of a Condi Rice rather than a John Ashcroft.

Conservative African-American, Hispanic, Catholic, and female judicial candidates also drive the left-wing legal groups crazy because they expose those groups as not really speaking for minorities or women. They thus undermine the moral legitimacy of those groups and drive a wedge between the left-wing leadership of those groups and the members they falsely claim to represent.

Thus the driving force behind the Democrats' filibuster of conservative minorities and women is political--driven by a desire to protect the party's advantage with minority and women voters and cater to left-wing interest groups. Democrats are also driven in part by their odd belief that "real" African Americans and Hispanics and women cannot be conservative.

The Democrats are the Party who hold a former KKK recruiter in their highest esteem - this fool whose job was to sign people up to oppress and kill minorities - and want to make damn sure that women and minorities are chained to heel, totally dependent upon them and thus programmed to vote for them, lest predation set in.

Slavery will never truly totally end until women and minorities shirk off the mental and figurative chains the Left has placed on them.

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