Tuesday, May 17, 2005

When Nerds Chat!!!

What follows is a verbatim transcript of a IM chat with a co-worker. Only the names have been changed.

Warhammer i find ROTS script, u want to read?

Dirk Gamespot's got a whole E3 section. Dude, I read the ROTS script over a month ago! I sent you the link even!

Warhammer http://scripts.cgispy.com/newsboard.cgi?action=view&num=2&user=script
Warhammer it's making want to fap to the space battle
Warhammer nerd overload

Dirk I copied it off the Millenium Falcon site and put it into Word and had a friend print out all 77 pages. Read it at the bar while working door.

Warhammer if it's anything like this script i'm goiing to fap in thew theater

Dirk I skimmed thru it to get the big outlines. The battles aren't even hinted at cuz it's like "They light their sabers and.....FIGHT!!!" That doesn't show you the 5 minutes of leg-chopping action in the least

Warhammer i just want to see space battles
Warhammer fuck the rest

Dirk SAber battles, bitch!!!

Warhammer bew bew bew whoosh!


Warhammer BOOOM

Dirk Whom whom pssst whom

Warhammer fox one I got tone! BEW BEW

Dirk woam woam

Warhammer >:(

Dirk That's Top Gun

Warhammer SPACE BATTLE!!!
Warhammer airwolf

Dirk saber battle...shhhh, you'll wake the baby.

Warhammer ok fine..space battle x INFINITY!

Dirk Chop you in have with saber and Force Push halves in different directions.
Dirk half

One more day to go!

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