Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Why the Liberals Can't Keep Air America From Spiraling In

Nothing new here to those no huffing Michael Moore's flatuence, but it's still good to get a reality check on the Hate Speech Network.

Becauase the local NPR outlet was doing a fundraising beg-a-thon, I cruised by the local HSN outlet and caught the Randi Rhodes Show. Jeez, this is the best they've got? Over several days, I heard her repeat the same one point - RepublicansareNazisTomDeLayFloridaMartinezBlahWoof - with a numbing repetitiveness that Sean Hannity can only dream of.

The basic message to her fellow travelers...er....listeners is [i]"We're smart! They're stupid!"[/i] Never heard a countering idea, just the mantra of self-determined superiority.

Bore. Ring.

The only reason conservatives haven't rendered liberalism dead is because they're being cock-blocked by the Stupid Party and their liberal hypocrisy. Losers.

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