Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Myrna Blyth Kicks Katie Couric While She's Down. (Good!)

As I posted earlier this week, the NYTimes launched a surprising attack on one of their own, Katie Couric, and I mentioned the book "Spin Sisters" by Myrna Blyth. Today, Blyth piles on quite nicely to get some cherry "Neener! Neener!" jabs in:

We've all watched as Katie has grown richer, smugger, and more chic. But for years, Today's chipmunk-cheeked, Clinton-loving perkette sold women, the primary audience for the morning show's mélange of a little news and a lot of fluffy features, the notion that she is just like them: a harried working mom.

In her "I'm just like you" phase Katie used to give speeches to adoring audiences describing a typical day in her life. She would tell them, for example, that she was on the phone setting up a play-date for one of her daughters like an ordinary mom, when a staffer beeped her to tell her President Carter was on the line. "President Carter who just won the Nobel Prize? Okay, put him on." He was calling, she would confide, throwing all modesty to the winds, to thank her for all she had done for him over the years. Yep, just an ordinary mom with a $15-million-a-year paycheck, a Park Avenue co-op, a millionaire boyfriend, a high-priced personal trainer, and the power to control two prime hours of TV five mornings a week.

Yummy stuff. Dig in!

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