Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Mark Scott R.I.P.

Heard this morning that Mark Scott had merged with the infinite. In the early-to-mid-Nineties, he was a host on WXYT, a local talk station that used to have a powerhouse lineup of local host surrounding the Rush Limbaugh broadcast period. He'd been off the air for wite some time because WXYT switched to an all-sports format, something that Detroit certainly has an oversupply of already. (We don't even have a local classical station, but three sports stations? Sure!) Fellow host David Newman moved over to WJR until he was silenced by a stroke that he never recovered from enough to return to the air - another damn shame, for he was an erudite and thoughtful host, something that most conservative talkers aren't. (Sometimes it's nice not to be yelled at, ya know?)

He was a hardcore libertarian and Second Amendment defender who gave much airtime to those who were anathema to the liberal Gestapo that controls the MSM and as a result had a big impact on my political enlightenment. Sometimes he strayed into Black Helicopter territory, but he wasn't faking it to be controversial. He believed what he said and encourage others to think and to "check your premises", something I can readily tell most liberals can't and won't do, lest they implode under the sheer weight of their own bullsh*t.

Check out the Detroit Free Press story as well as the comments of Lew Rockwell.


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