Friday, April 22, 2005

Cookie Monster Butt-Raped by Liberals!!!

(OK, that's a screaming yellow headline, but you aren't gonna skim by it without looking, are you?)

This went down a while ago, but Jonah Goldberg at National Review Online has a piece about the decision to have Cookie Monster from "Sesame Street" eat fewer cookies because the hand-wringing nannies of political correctness are concerned about American youth being tubby lardbutts, as if giving the brats Playstation 2 and Madden instead of a football and a directive to go outside and play had nothing to do with it. Here's the punchline:

In fact, that’s what makes this decision so hypocritical. Sesame Street normally drenches kids with “be true to yourself” pap and identity politics. In one episode, Elmo and Whoopi Goldberg (no relation) have a long talk about how they’d never want to give up, respectively, their skin or fur color because that would be changing who they are. Well, the hue of Elmo’s fur is less essential to his identity than Cookie Monster’s gluttony is to his. Rosita, the Hispanic Muppet, is often told not to be ashamed of her accent because that’s just a part of who she is. Maybe they should ditch it, in the name of good diction. Heck, maybe the kids in wheelchairs should get up and walk next season because we’re all in favor of kids being able to walk.

Go read it all.

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