Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Demagoguery Unleashed and the Stupid Party is Incapable of Defending the Truth!

A lot of noise and lies coming on about Social Security reform from the Left who are refusing to discuss what they themselves called a "crisis", now claiming Dubya is lying by using the same adjective. They want the concept of private accounts to be taken off the table before they play ball, which means that they demand that you have NO CHOICE about what happens to your own money. More hypocrisy from the Party that claims it's all about choice? DUH!!!

Anyway, the badasses over at Powerline posted a wonderfully succinct item called "Demagoguery Unleashed" which points up the issue quite neatly and shows how the Big Lie tactics of the Left are likely to trump the befuddled and idiotic Stupid Party, thus condemning many to eternal poverty and dependance upon a government that views us as little more than cows to milk and sheep to shear and WE LIKE IT!!!

The Democrats put on a sad spectacle at the Capitol today, rallying their armies of the ignorant to oppose any reform in the Social Security system:

This really is demagoguery at its worst. Federal employees already have a private contribution plan. No member of Congress relies on Social Security for his or her retirement. I doubt whether any Democratic member of Congress really believes that Social Security reform would be a bad thing. But naked politics rules, and the Democrats are once again betting that the ill-informed will be a majority on this issue.

In a pitifully inadequate counterpoint to the Democrats' raucous, partisan demonstration, Secretary of the Treasury John Snow participated in "Teach Children to Save Day" by giving a talk on the importance of being thrifty to a fifth-grade class in the District:

Of course those children would be better off saving than hoping to someday receive government checks. But the Social Security program makes it impossible for many millions of Americans to save, by sucking up the 15% of their incomes that otherwise could be available for saving. By making saving impossible, it relegates millions of Americans to retirement on the dole, at the whim of Congress. This doesn't apply to wealthy or prosperous Americans, who save through 401(k) programs and other vehicles, and essentially ignore the Social Security system, but Social Security destroys the potential for a secure, independent retirement for many millions of blue collar and middle-income Americans. The Democratic Party's cynical exploitation of these people is one of the scandals of the current political era.

The Democrats are pure fascists to the core and are opposed to freedom for anyone but their chosen cronies, yet get away with pretending that they are anything but totalitarian thugs.

Who will stand up for the Truth and stand against them?

Certainly not the Stupid Party and their inarticulate figurehead Prez Dubya.

We are truly f*cked. Do you care? Didn't think so. Go watch the game. Oooooh, A-Rod hit three home runs! No problems at all....

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