Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Katie Couric an Evil Witch? What's Next? The Pope's Catholic?!?

In a rare break with their fellow travellers, The New York Times spills the dirt as "'Today' Seeks Yesterday's Glory" and reveals that - - Katie Couric isn't America's Little Sweetheart.

For more than a decade Katie Couric has reigned as the Everywoman of morning television. NBC considered her so critical to restoring the pre-eminence of "Today" after the disaster known as Deborah Norville that in 2001 the network gave her a $60 million contract over four-and-a-half years to keep her from defecting. Inevitably, Ms. Couric's on-air persona changed, along with her appearance and pay scale. But lately her image has grown downright scary: America's girl next door has morphed into the mercurial diva down the hall. At the first sound of her peremptory voice and clickety stiletto heels, people dart behind doors and douse the lights.

But "Today" has turned her popularity into a Marxist-style cult of personality. The camera fixates on Ms. Couric's legs during interviews, she performs in innumerable skits and stunts, and her clowning is given center stage even during news events. "Today" hit a low point in July, when Saddam Hussein appeared in a Baghdad courtroom to hear the charges he will face when he goes to trial as a war criminal. All the networks interrupted their programming to show live images of Mr. Hussein - all except NBC. "Today" stayed on Ms. Couric swatting shuttlecocks with the United States Olympic badminton team.

My old girlfriend looked frighteningly like the perky Katie Couric when she cut her hair and in the days when I was possibly inclined to get up early enough to catch a morning news show, Katie was cute and all, but lately she's been your typical bitter, angry Manhattan limousine liberal harridan who parks her kids in the 87th St. Y day care (or wherever it is) and wears shoes priced out of the range of the "Sex In The City" pack, yet sneers at the American women of the Flyover nether regions for wanting to be able to stay home with their kids if only the brutal tax system didn't force them to work for Uncle Sam.

That Katie's a hypocritical twit is old news to anyone familiar with "Spin Sisters: How the Women of the Media Sell Unhappiness -- and Liberalism -- to the Women of America" by Myrna Blyth. Check it out.

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