Wednesday, April 27, 2005

How Apple Could Kill Micro$oft

Caught The Buzz Report: Windows is weak: where's the alternative? over at C| and it discusses how the pending M$ "Longhorn" OS is shedding features and a reason for being.

She suggests that Apple could strike by porting their new Tiger OS over to the Intel platform - something that's quite possible since Tiger is built on UNIX and Apple uses Intel for their server products. So, why isn't the mighty Steve Jobs doing this? Because he's a greedy moron who'd rather have 2% of the market, selling his overpriced and underpowered computers to his Kool-Aid-chugging acolytes, that's why!!!

Read the article and count how many opportunities are being missed. Bashing Micro$oft is always in fashion, but part of why M$ is so dominant is because their competitors are self-defeating dopes! Bill Gates must laugh himself to sleep at night.

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Dirk Belligerent said...

I don't follow the logic because the interface with the hardware has been handled via add-in drivers forever and a day. If Linux and Windoze can do it, what's stopping Apple?

Or the could make certain hardware configurations mandatory to run "Tiger 4 Intel/AMB x86" like how Microsoft binds Windoze Media Edition to new hardware only - you can't buy it loose.

Actually, when Jobs came back and killed off the Mac clones, that's when it was clear that the totalitarian business model they've been plying of late was going to be the order of the day.

(In a bit of irony, this post was made while Kirsty MacColl's "Angel" was playing on iTunes Party Shuffle.)