Thursday, July 05, 2007

Rock Stars Against Live Earth

As I mentioned in the previous post, Savior of All Humanity, Al Gore, is putting on a big concert in the Live Aid/Live 8 mold called Live Earth which is meant to raise awareness of the fictional junk science phenomena that has people crapping themselves to fix, ManBearPig*.

Well, not everyone is bending over and grabbing the ankles for this scam and someone has started the blog Rock Stars Against Live Earth which catalogs comments against these sorts of events with the top of the site displaying this acid crack from Saint Bob Geldolf, creator of the modern benefit concert/broadcast format:

But why is (Gore) actually organizing them? To make us aware of the greenhouse effect? Everybody’s known about that problem for years. We are all f--king conscious of global warming."
Well, Bob, Gore is organizing it because he's a loser who failed at fulfilling the destiny his anti-civil rights father, Sen. Al Gore (Gore is actually a Jr.; his drunken driving loser kid is the III of the line of Gore losers), to become President and now has reinvented himself as Savior of All Humanity. Nevermind that humankind is more likely to die in the nuclear fire of Islamofascist terror than a super hurricane fueled by global warming.

Check out the whole thing - it's a quick read - to see all the common sense head-shaking at the sophistry of this scam and how John Lennon had little use for benefit shows in general. I especially liked this post about Al Gore III's latest peccadillo which I covered in my last post.
Energy-efficient Toyota Prius can hit 100 MPH, as proven by police radar, even if you’re drunk and carrying a bag of weed and a bunch of pills. Who knew?

Al Gore III has already raised my awareness this week more than his dad ever will.


* In case someone not familiar with the lingo has wandered onto Dirkworld®, ManBearPig refers to a brilliant episode of "South Park" which ran in April 2006 in which Al Gore comes to town to frighten everyone with tales of the fearsome ManBearPig, a creature that is "half-man, half-bear, and half-pig" (add it up). To try and scare people Gore dresses up in a costume...

...and reveals himself to be the pathetic attention whore he is.

While "South Park" did some of their all-time greatest social commentary satire in their 10th season - "Cartoon Wars" led to Comedy Central being referred to as "Comedhimmi Central" after the network caved into Islamofascist terrorism and censored the episode - this episode was particularly useful because it aired a few months ahead of Gore's eventual Oscar-winning fantasy film's debut, so that savvy folks laughed at and ignored this steaming pile of lies right out of the gate. Three cheers for Matt and Trey! Henceforth, I've always referred to it as "An Inconvenient ManBearPig", though for this spoof poster, I just did a slight edit of the title so as not to lose the readers at another site.


UPDATE: In an article about how NBC will be broadcasting the concerts, news anchor Ann Curry vomited this bon mot:
She said that the concert arrives at a particularly momentous time.

"This has been the year where I think the world has come to a kind of reckoning that there may be some validity to all of this discussion about climate change," Curry said. "It's come around to the idea that maybe we should take this seriously."
1. According to the Goreacle, all debate is over for we are all truly doomed if we don't take his anti-American/anti-capitalist/pro-fascist/pro-Gore worshiping prescriptions and implement them, so to say that "there may be some validity" is a sign of eco-Holocaust denial and less than true belief. Off to the reeducation camp with her!!!

B. There is a name for people who are beguiled by the Goracle's codswallop: F*CKING MORONS!!!! And Ann Curry seems to qualify for that designation indeed. Stick to reading the TelePrompter, Ann, and don't forget to say "Go f*ck yourself, San Diego!"


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