Friday, July 27, 2007

It All Depends On Whose Religion Is Being Separated.

That's how Powerline headlined this Ryskind cartoon:

Just as with Time magazine's "How the Democrats Got Religion" cover story with its takeaway that (paraphrasizing) "those stupid godbag Jeebus freaks don't like it when we call them what they are - superstitious rubes - so ixnay on the theist-ay-ay alk-tay", the last permissible form of outright bigotry allowed is against Christians. (Though anti-Semitism is enjoying a big comeback on the Left.) Combined with the mind-rotting poison of multi-culturalism, the will to stand up against this bigotry is weak in the public, making the Islamofascists plans all the easier, since who's gonna fight back when they don't believe in either God or country?

This has been a long-running conundrum for me as I've watched any non-liberal who dares mentions their faith get smeared as a theocratic moron while Dem after Dem get to march into the pulpits of black churches and campaign and pretend to share their faith. OK, it's not really confusing - liberals are hypocrites as well as bigots - but it's still annoying that they falsely claim the mantle of being "diverse" and "tolerant" when their fascistic actions are imposing speech codes, creating thought crimes in the guise of punishing "hate", and cause the systematic de-Godification of public life while cheerfully assisting in the Allahfication of the West.

Whether it's appeasement or just common cause against a common enemy - i.e. Christians - the Left hates the idea of any God that would stand above their self-anointed beliefs that they are deities unto themselves. This isn't to say that we need Pat Robertson as President [shudder] but a warning that in their eagerness to kill off all of one flavor of religion, the Left is ushering in a new Dark Age under the sword of a bloodthirsty creed practiced by barbarians over a thousand years past their bedtime.

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