Thursday, July 19, 2007

Fun With Redubbed Propaganda!

I've been a big fan of movie trailer mash-ups, but these are slightly different beasts. Instead of selectively cutting the films to make a new ironic piece, the guys at have taken the actual promotional films meant to make potential customers think that what's being shown is soooooooooooooo cool that they can't live without it and by simply replacing the narration, effectively killed any cool factor these products may've had.

First up is their takedown of the Microsoft Surface computer which promises to bring the whiz-bang niftyness of "Minority Report" to the masses. I heard the audio for this a couple of weeks ago on the TWiT podcast, but just saw the video today.

What prompted me to look that video up was this next one which my boss told me about. I had heard something about the "Wii Fit" game-ish thing in the E3 Lite coverage, but since I don't care about the Wii, I didn't pursue more info. After watching this video, I can't imagine anyone wanting it.

Not since "South Park" preemptively destroyed the Goreacle with their invaluable "ManBearPig" episode have goofy ideas been so thoroughly trashed by mocking.

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