Monday, July 09, 2007

Sprint To G.I. Joe: Click!

Sprint cut off 200 military personnel for "excessive roaming" - because we all know soldiers just wander aimlessly of their own volition - only to back off a little when the bad press started to singe. Jerks.

A commenter also points out that Verizon sucks, which is old news because they cripple the phones they sell to force users to use their services. ATT&T/Cingular also blows goats, as legions of iPhone chumps are finding out.

Let's hear it for T-Mobile, if only for having the hottest spokesperson:

...though I see in the stories that came up when searching for pix that she's being phased out. Lovely. String and two cans, anyone? (Yeah, CZ-J had the two cans alright.)

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