Thursday, July 19, 2007

Chris Matthews: Un-American Idiot

The unctuous Jay Leno gets falsely tagged as being friendly to the Stupid Party because he angled himself into the spotlight which Ahnuld ran for Governator of "Callieforneah". Despite having enough fuel-guzzling cars to make Al Gore want to try him for crimes against humanity, Leno's reliably leftist as anyone who hopes to keep working in entertainment.

Just now, he had loudmouth asstackler and former Dem operative Chris Matthews on and while Matthews has usually managed to restrain his seething rage against the Stupid Party, the pressure of matching fellow MSNBC moonbat Keith Olberman must be getting to him because he spent his entire segment spewing a litany of lies, distortions, bias and hypocrisy that made Air AmeriKKKa's Randi Rhodes sound sane.

And Leno didn't even try to rein him in.

I'm sure that the Blogosphere will be all over this and the video will pop up, but all that will show is that when Team Dubya has managed to alienate all but the most clueless of his supporters with his almost complete betrayal of conservative values, the noise generators of the fascist Left still can't resist lying about what's actually happening in the world and with the war. The biggest irony of Matthew's lies was the faux outrage over how he claimed Team Dubya was lying because people couldn't keep our enemies straight.

Chris Matthews is a fascist partisan and Jay Leno is a fellow traveling hypocrite. Too bad that Osama and the Islamofascists - cool band name! - will reward their cooperation in the same way that Baltar was rewarded by the Cylons in the original "Battlestar Galactica" movie.

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