Tuesday, January 02, 2007

"What we need in New Year is some resolution"

So says the reliably brilliant Mark Steyn. I'm currently reading "America Alone" - the feel-scared book of the winter - and it's stunning how much of the world is willfully ignorant of the threat Islamofascism is and how it's growing like cancer within the West, but many don't want to see it because they've bought into the post-modern insanity of self-loathing that blinds people to the threat of Islamism because to oppose it would put them on the side of America and freedom. Some choice snips:

Mustaf Jama, a Somali ''asylum seeker'' in Britain wanted for the murder of a policewoman, fled the country by taking his sister's passport, wearing a niqab (the full Islamic head-to-toe get-up that covers everything but the eyes) and passing unhindered through the checkpoints at Heathrow.

How about that? It turns out we are profiling after all, but we're profiling everybody except Muslims. Your wizened l'il ol' gran'ma on a Yuletide break to London is bent double and out of breath struggling to take off her coat and shoes. The officials sternly scrutinize her passport to check that the picture matches her flustered and bewildered face. All around her hundreds of women are doing the same, mutely shuffling through the scanner in their stocking feet. But Britain's most wanted man is breezing through because he took the precaution of dressing as a Muslim woman. And it would be culturally insensitive to expose them to the same scrutiny as your gran'ma.

Many of us think about the long-term shifts necessary to win this struggle: euthanizing the United Nations and overhauling other malign and anachronistic institutions. Fat chance. Mustaf Jama's express check-out is the perfect parodic reductio of "security": The state is willing to inflict pointless bureaucratic discomfort and inconvenience on everyone else, but the demographic group with the most links to terrorism gets to go through the fast-track VIP channel.
He also discusses what's going on in Somalia as the Ethiopian army swept through and booted the Islamist forces there, though they'll surely be back.

At least the Ethiopian forces are allowed to fight without being placed in a straitjacket of white guilt that has caused the death toll in Iraq to roll past 3000 dead American soldiers. Either take the f*cking leash off our warriors or bring them home before more lives are wasted kissing the ass of the "religion of peace". Hear me Dubya?!?!?


Anonymous said...

"At least the Ethiopian forces are allowed to fight without being placed in a straitjacket of white guilt that has caused the death toll in Iraq to roll past 3000 dead American soldiers."

Are you retarded or just stupid? Maybe you should complain some more about the fascist left while you won't allow comments on your blog without your prior approval. Pussy.

"JOURNAL: A failure to embrace black globalization in Somalia
Jeffrey Gettleman of the New York Times downplays this, but a ban on khat was a major reason support for Somalia's Islamic Courts evaporated so quickly:

On Thursday, to celebrate the departure of the Islamists, many Mogadishu residents stuffed their mouths with khat, a mildly narcotic plant that the Islamists had outlawed...

This is the same mistake the Taliban made with opium (see the brief "Afghan Guerrilla Entrepreneurs" for more). The root of this is that they both confused a "government of convenience" needed to manage a TAZ (temporary autonomous zone) with a traditional state. However, as we saw in Afghanistan, it's a mistake that can be reversed, particularly since both movements are much more dangerous and innovative when operating in a formless mode.


ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia, Dec. 29 — Anti-Ethiopia riots erupted in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, on Friday, while masked gunmen emerged for the first time on the streets, a day after Ethiopian-backed troops captured the city from Islamist forces.

Hundreds of Somalis flooded into bullet-pocked boulevards to hurl rocks at the Ethiopian soldiers, set tires on fire and shout anti-Ethiopian slogans.

“Get out of our country!” they yelled. “We hate you, Ethiopians!”

In northern Mogadishu, residents said men with scarves over their faces and assault rifles in their hands lurked on the street corners. Mogadishu has plenty of gunmen, of every age and every clan, but gunmen hiding their identity is something new and may be a sign of a developing insurgency.

“We’re going to turn this place into another Iraq,” said Abdullahi Hashi, a construction worker who said he was part of a new underground movement to fight the Ethiopians.

Dirk Belligerent said...

The reason I had to start moderating comments is because of rude asstacklers like you who mistake trying to maintain some semblance of civil - albeit enthusiastic - discourse on a private blog as some sort of fascism. You demand the silencing of the voices of Truth and expect cheerful conveyance of your lies. BZZZZT!!! Wrong answer!!!

Sorry, Bub, but my record of allowing most any lunatic raving of the Anonymous Pussies to be posted - and thoroughly rebutted for dishonesty - puts the lie (what else?) to your baseless whining. The unhinged hatred of you fascist Lefties makes it necessary to keep an eye on the comments because personal information has been posted before, because in the rabid eyes of you maniacs, no one is entitled to privacy if you deem them unworthy by virtue of their opposition to your totalitarian agendas.

As for the non-substance of your post, you must not have bothered to read Steyn's piece after the link because he clearly states that the Islamofascists have simply melted into the civilian population and are likely to start an insurgency. Why not? It's worked before, especially with the support of the Treason Media and fellow traveling useful idiots such as yourself. Anything that you can spin as American failure and fascist victory is right up your alley.

Your support for Islamofascist victory has been duly noted. If you're so enthralled with living as a dhimmi, why haven't you moved over there to fulfill your dreams? Why must the remaining free Western states suffer with you?