Thursday, January 18, 2007


No, not the teen-trash classic that starred Jodie Foster or what those wild and crazy Festrunk brothers used to exclaim on "SNL", but a real red fox is what I just saw while approaching work. It crossed in front of my UAV and then doubled back to hang near the edge of a sunflower field. It's very built up with offices and malls, but there apparently is enough woody area for them to live.

As I came in, a co-worker passed me in the hall and asked if I saw the foxes (plural) and after telling him that it was a relief that I hadn't just hallucinated my sighting, he said that there were a pair in the parking lot and that he was able to approach one, almost able to pet it, it was so tame. I laughed that it would've served him right if the fox had bitten his arm off.

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