Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Worst Model Pose!!! Stop This!!!

UPDATE 11/1/2013: I totally forgot I made this post until someone commented today. It's funny to see that nearly 7 years ago, this pose was bugging me and continued to bug me until I created in September 2012 Pooping In High Heels, a Tumblr dedicated to this dumb pose and for which I made the below image its 100th post. Cherkitert!
I posted an item about this a couple of years ago, but the picture didn't show properly and I never went back to fix it, but seeing this made me realize this problem is still out of control. What does it look like she's saying?

That's right: "Wheeeeee!!! I'm pooping!!!!"

Over and over, otherwise babalicious ladies are squatting in their stilletos and looking like they're joyously pinching off a loaf. With all the other depravity and decadence that is being mainstreamed by the degenerates who dare, DARE, anyone to speak against them, can't we all be in agreeance that this is something that we should do something about? Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

I think that ladies are sexy and arousing when pooping.. :-)