Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Dirk's Dish Du Jour: Grace Park

I've just started watching the first season of the revamped "Battlestar Galactica" and just adore Grace Park, who plays Boomer, the pilot who doesn't (yet) know she's a Cylon. Too bad she doesn't appear like this more on the show instead of in her space pilot duds:

Worst part? She's married! Drat!!! 5'9", 32 years old and MARRIED! FRAK!!!!


Anonymous said...

Dirk brother, all I can say is welcome aboard! The new BSG is fanfuckingtastic in every which way but loose. I'm actually just about to watch last Sunday's episode with my brother in a few minutes (a ritual we share for every episode we have yet to see). We too were hooked in by the hottie Grace Park, but it's now the storylines and awesome action that keeps us coming back.

Just wait until you get to the end of season two! Try like hell not to read any spoilers and you'll be in for a series of treats.

Take care, Dirk!

Dirk Belligerent said...

I've finished S1 and picked up the S2.0 and 2.5 DVD sets from my bassist last night, so I'm strapped for some Kobol-lovin' action. I was vaguely aware that Adama was on the receiving end of an assassination attempt, but didn't know who had done it, so the end of the final episode really surprised me.

Everyone has been saying that the show gets even better, so I will try to avoid spoilers before watching. When I was watching "Buffy" and "Angel" on DVD, it was after the shows had ended and I kept tripping over spoilers because all the mags and sites were discussing the show retrospectively. My g/f was able to watch it with fresh eyes, but I knew most of the major plot points ahead of time.

Thanks for reading and writing. :)