Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Treason Media Just Keeps Lying

The TM insists on using the euphamism "a women's right to choose" to describe abortion, the unholy sacrament of the fascist Left. So enthralled with the Culture of Death - that they uncoincidentally share with the Islamofascists - but too cowardly to announceth their unbridled enthusiasm for infanticide, they use this worthless term (Choose? Choose what? The soup or salad?) to disguise their anti-human rhetoric.

Anyhoo, over at Power Line, they cover a story run in the NY Times Magazine last spring that purported to reveal the lousy conditions for women in El Salvador including a woman who supposedly got a 30-year prison sentence for having an abortion. Problem with this tale of woe is that it's not true - the baby was born and then murdered leading to a conviction for aggravated homicide.

Facts are funny things and while it's nice the the Times is willing to cop to the inconvenient truth that the facts don't support the article, they have no intention of correcting the story. That's right, it's fake AND innacurate, but will be left as it stands because....well, because the TM and their flagship the Times don't care about the Truth; not when it stands in the way of their advancing their agenda of fascism and the Culture of Death. As Power Line concludes:

The fundamental point, however, is more basic: the Times misreported a critical fact in a cover story in its magazine, and refuses to make a correction even after the error has been called to its attention. When it comes to abortion, it is more important--for the Times, anyway--to be on the "right" side than it is to be right.
Also at Power Line, a link to the Media Research Center's wrapup of crazed quotes from the TM, including many Times honchos.

UPDATE: The Corner's Andy McCarthy - he a former Federal prosecuter who handled the first WTC bombing in '93 - reports that the Times flat-out lies in today's front page article about what's happening to enem combatants.

The NY Times should change their slogan to, "All The Sh*t Which Fits Our Agenda, We Print."

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