Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Suicide Bombers of Geekdom

I've mentioned before about the incurable arrogance of Linux geeks and how they're the suicide bombers of geekdom. (Apple worshippers are merely sad cultists.) For a primo example of the blind anti-Microsoft lunacy that animate them, check out this item and comments from BadVista.org, a site put up by the Free Software Foundation.

While I sympathize with the concerns about the overwhelming dominance that Microsoft has in the PC market, to cast them in terms of such sheer evil and to act as if switching to hard-for-even-geeks-to-manage Linux alternatives is counter-productive. People like the applications, like GAMES, that run on Windows and the fact that the majority of peripheral hardware doesn't work under Linux is a deal-breaker, but to the Linux jihadists, that's just proof of the evil of M$'s dominance and blah-blah-woof-woof.

The violent and condescending rhetoric of the "free software" anarchists is similar to the violent and condescending rhetoric of the fascist Left: If you don't follow them, you're an idiot who needs to die for their cause. Nice. But not very effective in converting people to the cause.

The failure of the Zune and the slow drift toward using Firefox and other alternatives is showing that building a better mousetrap is the way to get people to change than sneering and bullying people if they don't buy into your lunacy.

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