Saturday, December 23, 2006

How Terrified Is The Left of Mitt Romney?

Plenty, as the drumbeat of character assassination and religious smearing against someone who hasn't announced his candidency has shown. The latest is this Huffandpuff Post turd pile, "Mitt Romney: Coward Or Racist?" Romney was term-limited out, but the Treason Media and the unhinged fascist moonbats are furiously trying to spin this as a crushing defeat for Romney. ( do you defeat someone who wasn't in the race?)

James Boyce flat out lies and says that this is "Republican hypocrisy" and then closes with:

just maybe, Mitt The Wannabe Wingnut doesn't want to have his picture in the paper to be used against him shaking hands with, of all things, a black man.

That just won't play well in some parts of the country will it Mitt? Gee, if you had stayed out West and been Governor of Utah, this probably wouldn't have happened.

So Mitt, here's the way I see it. It's December 22. Plenty of time to move some things around and actually be around on January 4th. If you show and shake Deval's hand, I'll write a retraction right here.

If you don't, I'll put you down for a coward. And a racist. Seems fair to me.
I wasn't even aware that Patrick was black, but then again, I'm not a race-obsessed racist like the majority of the fascist Left who see nothing but skin color and use that to divide and exploit the people.

As usual, the foaming hatred of the moonbats evaporates in the face of the Truth as someone wrote to The Corner and explained:
By tradition in Massachusetts, the departing Governor NEVER attends the inaugural swearing-in of his successor. The two meet in the Governor's office, exchange some symbols of office, and then the outgoing Governor leaves the building via the front doors for his "long walk" down the steps. At the same time, the incoming Governor is escorted to the House chamber for his swearing in.

Because Deval Patrick wanted to hold an outdoor swearing-in on the front steps, it was not possible to do the "long walk" at the same time. For that reason, Governor Romney magnanimously offered to do the exchange of symbols and the long walk the previous evening in order to accommodate Deval Patrick's change in the swearing-in.
If Romney had demanded that tradition be observed, he would've been crucified as a racist sore loser, but by going along with Patrick's departure from tradition, he is still being crucified as a racist sore loser by the lying fascists of the Left. Nice how that works, eh?

I wonder if Boyce will print his promised retraction? Heh, just kidding. I know he won't. The fascist Left NEVER allows inconvenient truths get in the way of their totalitarian agendas.

Romney has the Left scared. Bad. They're already showing signs of Romney Derangement Syndrome. Hmmmm...could there actually be something good for America in this guy?

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