Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Never-Ending Stupidity of Nancy Pelosi Never Ends.

Just as Barry O'Bama stupidly said that 10,000 people died in a tornado while campaigning last year (actual death toll: 12), now we have Nancy Pelosi - who is only two heartbeats from the Presidency - stating that we lose 500 MILLION American jobs each month. Um, the population of the USA is about 300 million, Nan.

The comments on YouTube are cute: They must be in the other seven states!!!! and "If Palin had said this, it would be covered wall-to-wall." No kidding on the latter. I was watching some things over the weekend and the "Sarah Palin is such a dumb bitch with a retard kid" meme was spewed repeatedly.

This is the liberal Big Lie tactics in action, folks. Obama thinks there are 57 states and staffs his regime with criminals; Biden is a non-stop font of stupidity; Pelosi vomits this gaffe a week after saying that funding abortions and contraceptives is stimulative to the economy by removing all those costly babies from the balance sheets - why hasn't the Catholic Church excommunicated this loser? - and the woman who is the self-made Governor of the nation's largest state is smeared as an idiot? Yeah, right.

UPDATE: I posted this comment over on Malkin's item about this:

1. Imagine the joyous noises the Left would be making if Sarah Palin said something a fraction as stupid as this.

B. They said it was too risky to have someone like Moose-Slayer only a heartbeat from the presidency, but it’s OK to have San Fran Nan a mere TWO heartbeats away, especially when one is a secret smoker with a high stress job and the other is addicted to hair plugs and probably toxic teeth cleaning products?

3. In her defense, it is entirely possible for 500 million American jobs to be lost: count India and China as two of Barry’s 7 extra states.


Anonymous said...

"the woman who is the self-made Governor of the nation's largest state is smeared as an idiot?"

Ha ha ha ha ha! You always keep me laughing!

Dirk Belligerent said...

I know you liberals live in your own fantasy world, but what was amusing about that part you quoted? Nancy Pelosi is the ninth-richest member of the House and her husband is a wealthy real estate magnate whom she has slipped funds from her PAC. Palin and her husband WORK FOR A LIVING.

You should be championing the REAL "little guys", not sucking the knobs of the rich elites, but that would require you to walk it like you talk it and liberals are inherently hypocrites.

You're just upset that your false Messiah is crashing and burning in the Oval Office so badly that the press is having trouble covering it up. Heh. Chump.

Anonymous said...

What the hell do I care if Obama crashes and burns? I didn't vote for him. It won't change my life. It will only be more entertaining news for me. Pelosi? A dumb whore!

I was laughing at "the nation's largest state". You are such a parrot.

Dirk Belligerent said...

Alaska is the largest state in the nation - nearly three times larger than Texas - so how am I a "parrot" for stating an unequivocal fact? (Are you counting one of Barry's seven extra states as being larger? Which one is it?)

Are you aware that Slo-Joe Biden, the vice-plagiarist, is from the 2nd-smallest state? Did you go to school or just tell yourself that you're really smart and spend your days smoking dope and watching cartoons?

I wish there were some liberal posters who were so unhinged that they keep embarrassing themselves like you do. Surely, you can't ALL be that stupid. (Can you?)

Anonymous said...

I know it's the largest state. Duh! What made me laugh is that you parroted the talking point because you are a parrot. It is also number 47 in the number of people living there. I bet you didn't know that because the people you parrot don't use that fact. The size of the population certainly seems more relevant than the amount of square miles. And I'm stupid? Ha!

And what do I care about Joe Biden? His hair plugs are pretty good!

Dirk Belligerent said...

I enjoy how you desperately try to spin what you meant when you're so clearly busted as a loon. How pitiful is it that you need to comb through individual words looking for something, anything, that you can then try to twist into an attack?

Stating facts are "talking points"?!? Wow. I didn't say anything, in content nor context, that meant or even implied anything other than what the words literally posited: Sarah Palin is a self-made woman who is the governor of the nation's largest state. That you choose to project some quibble that they don't have as many people or Starbucks as a "real" state is your psychoses talking.

You really need to see a professional about your problems. No more of your insane replies will be posted on this thread. Move on. Plenty of other topics for you to make a spectacle of yourself on.

Anonymous said...

"Stating facts are "talking points"?!?"

Where did you learn that fact, shit for brains? Yes, it's a talking point and that is why you used it.

Insane replies? Apparently you don't have the balls to admit you are running scared. It's the same thing you do every time I nail your ass to the wall. You get the last word and then do not allow me to reply. Hey, it's your blog and if anyone reads it then they know I have stomped you again. As usual!

Dirk Belligerent said...

I know I said I'd spare you the shame of allowing you to embarrass yourself even more, but you're just the gift that keeps on giving. You're like the Coyote, burned to a cinder after your Acme bomb has just gone off in your stupid face, yelling at the receding Road Runner dust cloud, "I just kicked your ass! I am so awesome! Woooooooooo!!!"

(I promise you, Dirkworld readers, I am NOT making up this maroon's posts in order to make liberals like bad. He's doing it all by himself.)

FYI, I went to school and learned that Alaska is a really big state. I know that Palin is the Governor of that state. Since the smear that the frightened liberals are pushing is that Palin is some nobody hockey mom, it's worth mentioning that she's the head of state for a significant chunk of real estate with substantial natural resources; resources that this country needs but are being held hostage by environmental nutjobs and liberal racists who think all the dirty work should be confined to where dark-skinned people live.

Because you're a kook who is so starved for attention that you'll pounce on any word you can find that allows you to set off your Acme bomb, you try to spin any two words you wish as a sign that I'm a parrot. Since you're insane and can imagine a connection anywhere, sane folks are at a distinct disadvantage. I could've said Palin was "a mother of five who is able to have a government job without needing an illegal alien nanny who she didn't pay the taxes for" and you'd just repeat your talking point.

Next time you're at, order yourself a straitjacket. Buh-bye.