Thursday, February 05, 2009

Guest Comment: Is The World Loving Us Yet?

Friend o' Dirkword "Publis" tossed this over the transom and axed if I'd put it up. Oh, I guess so...

Is The World Loving Us Yet?

So we got rid of Cowboy Bush and Barack al-Obama was supposed to make the rest of the world LOVE us again, right? WRONG. Let's review the last two weeks:

* North Korea breaks a treaty with South Korea, threatens to attack the south and test fire a Tae Po Dong 2 missile that can reach the west coast.

* Iran tells him to go to hell, demands apology before talks about their nuke program, and launches a satellite.

* Cuba wants GITMO back now that we aren't going to keep prisoners there.

* India tells him 'back off, bitch,' and stay out of the Kashmir conflict

* Israel tells him to mind his own business as they go back to kicking the snot out of Gaza and refused to open the border as Obama asked. Now it looks like a right-wing government will win their elections.

* Russia bribes Kyrgyzstan with $3 billion, Kryg tells us to GTFO out the pivotal airbase we've been using since 2001.

* The EU, China and Japan and Canada all get righteously pissed off at the "Buy American" element of the stimulus plan, which he let La Magnaccia Pelosi write. does this help Michelle Obama's children any?

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