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CFE: The Speech McCain Will Never Give

The Background: Michelle Malkin had an ad that John McCain is running against Barry "Just call me 'Lord'" O'Bama.

Michelle commented:

Good stuff.

Well, except for the part about McCain’s own weak, flip-flop-flippy record on drilling.



Allahpundit on the “Celeb” ad: “Surprisingly savvy.”

Based on the idea that it was a savvy move, I posted:

If McCain had the slightest bit of political savvy, he’d go to ANWR, see that it’s a wasteland and then make this statement:

“I have been opposed to drilling here because I was of the belief that it would be the same as drilling in the Grand Canyon or the Everglades, both national treasures that attract legions of tourists to visit. However, while the Grand Canyon hosts and average of five million visitors per year, last year the ANWR had only 880 visitors, an average of less than 2-1/2 people per day. There are no roads or resorts or attractions to visit.

As much as I share the desire of many to preserve as much of our wilderness in their pristine state, there are other concerns we have as a nation. Our economy is experiencing a slowdown and the cost of energy is hurting American families on a daily basis. They feel it when they pump gas, buy an airline ticket, buy groceries, or even order a pizza. The cost of energy is soaring due to the basic forces of supply and demand and as a global economy competes for limited resources, the price goes up.

While we must endeavor to develop new, clean alternatives to petroleum and dirty coal, we need to also expand our current supplies because the transition to the energies of the future won’t occur overnight and energy is needed now. It makes no sense to send $700 billion a year overseas to countries, many of whom do not like the United States, when we have untapped resources right here in America. It would be like living on a farm, but going to the supermarket for food and complaining about the prices.

Drilling in ANWR would only affect an area of about 2000 acres - the size of Dulles Airport in Washington D.C. It would create an estimated minimum of 250,000 well-paying jobs for American workers with the possibility of three times that. Polls show that 75% of Alaskans support drilling. Since they live here, they obviously are interested in protecting their environment and if they believe drilling can be done in an environmentally-sound manner, who are we in the Lower 48 states to tell them they are wrong?

My opponent and the Democrats have repeatedly blocked sensible proposals that would enhance our national security and provide relief to our citizens’ wallets and pocketbooks. They say that no benefits would come from drilling for a decade, but in the past few week we’ve seen the price of a barrel of oil fall $25 just because President Bush rescinded the Executive Order blocking offshore drilling. Not one more drop of oil has actually been produced, but the market has already responded, bringing a small measure of relief to American families. Imagine how much more the price will come down when we actually bring our natural resources to market.

It’s easy to be stubborn and do nothing rather than have to admit you were originally wrong. Just as I stood up to demand a change in the course of the Iraq War, supporting the surge that has brought us to within victory’s grasp; the surge my opponent refused to support and to this day refuses to acknowledge worked; I am now standing up to what I believed, but now I know was incorrect. My opponents will portray this change as a flip-flop or a cave-in to special interests like Big Oil. Neither could be farther from the truth, but I don’t care what insults they launch at me because I know this change will help America’s families, her economy, and her all-important national security.

While I have made a life delivering Straight Talk®, I have also heard the straight talk of you, the American people. You want us to tap our resources and be less reliant on uncertain foreign energy supplies. I have heard the people and I have visited ANWR and now I believe that to not extract the benefits or our God-given resources from our own lands would be a dereliction of duty that I could not bear to let occur to the land that I love so dearly and have acted as a humble servant to my whole life.

Thank you, and God bless America.”

But he’s not smart; he’s not savvy; he’s “freaked out about global warming”; and he’s in thrall to the Treason Media’s environmental extremism and antipathy to capitalism.

That speech and those actions would turn the tide for McCain and the Stupid Party. People would rally to their colors because they’d finally be acting in the interests of the people and nation and not their own timid self-interests.

That’s why we’re sooooooooooooo screwed. :(

This attracted several positive comments, including this from mom2jack:

Dirk, you just wrote a great McCain speech! You should post it as a comment on his site.

While I drafted my reply, someone else asked, "Why bother?" I replied:

mom2jack, if Team McCain is so bereft of ideas and sound thinking that they need a pseudonymous Internet poster to hand them a clue, then we’re in even bigger trouble than initially thought.

Sadly, McCain is a believer in ManBearPig and speaks the shibboleths of that fraudulent religion. Just as it would be anathema for us to renounce our personal faiths, McCain will not renounce his faith in man-made global warming and the passel of liberal canards that comprise the Catechism of these environment extremists and anti-capitalists.

For a sample of what passes for “deep Republican thought” (a double oxymoron, with the emphasis on the “moron” part) about energy policies, try to stay awake while reading this blather from the RNC Chairman, Robert M. Duncan. I think it’s about how Obama doesn’t have an energy policy and McCain does, but it’s so vaporous and busy with avoiding the fact that McCain is a ManBearPigist, it means little and will result in nothing.

My girlfriend was reading the paper a few weeks ago and saw a chart detailing the respective policy positions of Obama and McCain and remarked upon how similar they were on so many things. I told her that was the problem with this election. Instead of a clear choice between opposing viewpoints - liberal vs. conservative - we have a moderate liberal facing an extreme radical socialist, but the socialist looks really good on TV and is blessed with fawning airbrushed coverage by a fellow traveling Treason Media.

Just as in 2006, we’re going to be told that the lessons of the electoral results mean the opposite of what they really did:

* If Obama loses, it will because of the seething racism of bitter, angry, threatened white people. Our shame will be apparent to the world and we will decline even further in their view.

* If McCain loses, it will be because the public has rejected the religious extremism and cruel conservatism he stood for. Only by moving far, far, FAR to the left will they possibly be considered moderate enough to be trusted with a bit of power.

When that’s the way the deck is stacked, to expect McCain to be brave and buck his constituents in the Treason Media - and for that media to not distort and misrepresent what he says and does - is a hope that is much too high for even the hardiest rubber tree plant-moving ant to have.

C'est la whatever.

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