Wednesday, July 30, 2008

CFE: Malkin Is Told, "You Hate Yourself."

The Background: Michelle Malkin was reading her hate mail and posted a typical missive from another of those oh-so-tolerant-and-diverse college student types. Read the link for the original story, but here was how I deconstructed the nonsense:

Babblings like these are a goldmine of opportunities for rebuttal. Like this:

Hello Ms. Malkin,

Michelle is married, so that should be MRS. Malkin, you Gloria Steinem wannabe.

My name is Stephanie and I m a 20 year old college student from Atlanta, Georgia.

Translation: “I’m a totally brainwashed zombie who believes herself to be an open-minded free thinker.”

After watching you on Fox News Channel, I decided to read your writings.

That’s funny, when I see Hannity and O’Reilly on FNC, I don’t want to read their stuff. OTOH, when I see Mark Steyn, I want to bear his children.

I would like to express my complete and total disdain for you.

I would like Angelina Jolie to stop breeding and adopting, dump Brad and the kids, and come take me away to a tropical island to while the rest of our days away in carnal ecstasy, but no one is interested in what I’d like either.

You are so racist. Yes,I said it. You hate yourself.

I thought racism was about hating others. Did something change and I missed the memo about it?

You are Asian my dear not white.

1. You’re missing a couple of commas there, babe.

B. Your ability to identify racial characteristics is only surpassed by your tendency to be incomprehensible as to your point.

The way you talk about other minorities is disgusting. The condescending tone a lot of your writings have show what kind of person you are.

Translation: “I can’t articulate what offends me about your views, but suffice to say you are a big meaniehead. The fact that I am being condescending to you is merely a sign of the hereditary irony-deficiency that runs in my family.”

It saddens me to see someone with your talent and charisma use it for such disgusting things.

If Stephanie was John McCain, she would’ve included a “my friend” in there someplace.

I’m sure you’re satisfied with yourself but I just wanted to let you know that you shouldn’t be.

Anyone else get the feeling that if Stephie’s friend was all happy with a new outfit, she’d tell them it made their butt look fat?

You can do so much better for yourself.

Let’s see: Married to a lucky SOB, lovely kids, percolating multi-media career. My goodness, Michelle’s life is such a howling void of emptiness! Until she wins the lottery and/or gets her kids a unicorn that poops gold bars, I guess she’ll have to suffer.

Read up on your history and figure out who you are because it is very apparent that you have no clue.

Is she saying that Michelle needs to buy 6000 pairs of shoes?

I will readily admit that you are very intelligent, however your ignorance overshadows anything that i could have learned from you.

Coincidentally, Michelle probably has the inverse opinion of Stephanie.

This guy liked it.

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