Thursday, July 24, 2008

CFE: Al Gore's Doomsday Clock

The Background: Digg story to a WSJ opinion piece about Al Gore's environmental insanity and hypocrisy. A poster wrote, "The sappy liberal environmentalist lemmings worship this clown," leading a typical Digger to snarl, "Funny how the corporate loving neo-cons have no alternative other than to continue to rape & plunder our only planet. And you wonder why we think people like you are stupid.", to which I responded:

The fact that sneering fascist liberals like you - who are probably atheist as far as God goes, but fervent worshipers of ManBearPig, a wholly fictional thing - are looking down your nose at the people who actually look to the FACTS and not the hysterical LIES of global warming hysterics like the Goreacle is the laugh here.

Instead of sneering, why not school your ignorant ass starting with the FACT that there is no evidence of the greenhouse effect despite years of looking for it. David Evans, who WAS Australia's chief climate change panic monger is a rare man with the intellectual honesty to admit he was wrong and the facts don't support the fear. (Link) FTA: "But since 1999 new evidence has seriously weakened the case that carbon emissions are the main cause of global warming, and by 2007 the evidence was pretty conclusive that carbon played only a minor role and was not the main cause of the recent global warming. As Lord Keynes famously said, "When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?"

What arrogant fascist liberals do is attack the messenger rather than accept that they've worshiped a false god in the form of ManBearPig. It's hard to call other people stupid when you've been a total fool yourself. You sling around ad hominems like "corporate loving neo-cons" and probably think you're living a "reality-based existence" when the truth is you're wrong on top of being an asshole.

Gore is a pathetic fool with daddy issues who was told by his racist father that he was going to grow up to be President. He marked time being p-whipped by Tipper into censoring rock music and when he failed as a candidate himself, he latched onto Clinton's apron strings, only to fail to the mediocre Dubya. Such a emo pussy he was, he dragged the nation thru a month of hell while he tried to sue his way into the office his daddy told him was his birthright instead of manning up and accepting that he lost a close one because he was a tool who people didn't like; sighing, arrogant prick he was.

Given the choice of fading away, he decided to re-invent himself as Savior of the Entire Human Race and from his giant mansion which uses 20,000% more energy than a normal home, he flies his private jet and travels in SUV convoys from place to place to lecture us about how we need to live in dark caves to "save the planet". HA! EnvironMENTAL nutcases make Scientologists look like mainstream Christians in comparison.
Checking back to the thread, the moron I was responding to had followed up with this typical peristaltic issuance of liberal propaganda:
The anti-global warming deniers are all voice pieces of the Rovian political machine. Doesn't take that much to understand how ignorant you people are.

Until you can prove that you didn't vote for the current neo-con administration, don't listen to the neo-con talking heads and don't buy into 21st century "conservatism", i'll stand by my statement that you're all a bunch of circle jerking neo-cons spooging over each others lunatic ideas.

You guys have absolutely nothing to stand on outside of discrediting people you can't fathom to understand. Thats a regression of humanity. Free thought makes no sense to people like you.
I posted a link to a SCIENTIST who dared speak Truth to the lunatics that they've been worshiping the false god of ManBearPig and this guy actually responds that "free thought makes no sense to people like you"?!?

Is there a vitamin supplement people like this can take for irony-deficiency? Madness!


Anonymous said...

blah.....blah......blah...... How do you explain the polar ice caps falling off into the ocean and the ocean in Greenland NOT FREEZING last winter for the first time ever????????????

Dirk Belligerent said...

Typical brainwashed ignorance. Do you know how GREENland got its name? Let me enlighten you:

Data from ice cores indicate that from AD 800 to 1300 the regions around the fjords of southern Greenland experienced a relatively mild climate, with temperatures similar to today. Trees and herbaceous plants grew there, and the climate initially allowed farming of livestock as in Norway.

Whether green is an erroneous transcription of grunt ("ground"), which refers to shallow bays, or vice versa, is not known. It should also be noted, however, that the southern portion of Greenland (not covered by glacier) is indeed very green in the summer and was likely to have been even greener in Erik's time because of the Medieval Warm Period.

Ocean not freezing for the first time ever, you say? Maybe in your short, stupid lifetime, but over a millennium ago, looooooooong before the invention of the internal combustion engine, SUVs and Republicans, the planet was warming all by itself.

Since you probably spent more time in the Church of ManBearPig than a natural history class, I suppose you've never heard of the Ice Age. (It was a real thing, not just a CGI movie starring Ray Romano.) The Northern Hemisphere was covered by glaciers. They melted. Was that global warming? Was that a BAD thing? Seeing as it was well before even Greenland being settled, there certainly weren't any cars, neocons or Karl Roves to cause that climate change either, were there? Idiot.

Oh, yeah, how about the volcanic activity under the Arctic Ocean? Any chance that a furnace in the basement might melt the snow on the roof?

The beautiful thing about unhinged liberal fools such as yourself is that you are so up around your own colons with misplaced outrage that you don't realize how stupid and ignorant you are and how easily you will be schooled.


Anonymous said...

Awesome. It's not enough that you simply vomit whatever right-wing talking point you stumbled across on posting day, but on top of that, you're days behind the curve!

The Evans op-ed has already been thoroughly decimated using, um, actual scientific data. You may want to peruse this link for more information.

Stick to posting stories about hot chicks at your local Safeway. It makes you look marginally less like an idiot.

Dirk Belligerent said...

I hope that any readers bored enough to look at the palaver you provided take notice of the hysterical - as in "screaming drama queen", not "very amusing" - rhetoric of the so-called rebuttal. "War on Science", "contempt for science", "pure denial" (meant to evoke "Holocaust denial"); all meant to condemn anyone who dares speak out against the Church of ManBearPig.

Add in the calls of these enviro-Nazis that anyone who dares question the existence of ManBearPig be put on trial for "crimes against humanity" and you see the same attitude as Islamofascists in their jihad to kill the infidels at work. "ManBearPig will not be denied!!! All those who dare speak Truth against our faith must be destroyed!!!"

Spare me. Scientists are still trying to prove or disprove Einstein's Theory of Relativity because that's what REAL scientists do. ManBearPig worshipers have no use for curiosity because they have their unyielding blind FAITH that they are the possessors of the true knowledge of the world.

One moment...


I'm sorry. This crap is so hilarious, it'd be funny if so many stupid people weren't making foolish decisions based on mysticism instead of science. Yeah, I'm talking to you, McCain!

All you Goreacle acolytes and ManBearPig believers should just give up with your feeble efforts to foist your hypocritical balderdash around here. When Gore parks his Gulfstream V and starts using the amount of energy a normal mortal does, then I'll know it's not just a racket to profit from selling papal indulgences (i.e. carbon credits) to his Church of ManBearPig. Since the predicted Apocalypse isn't coming, it makes sense that the whackjobs be extra jihad-like in order to bulldoze capitalism under their fascist blade. Otherwise, people will realize they're being hustled and tar and feather the charlatans who told tall tales of ManBearPig.

Buh-bye, now.

Anonymous said...

I also hope your "readers" might notice that your scientist says things like NASA reports only land-based data, and reports a modest warming trend and recent cooling. and my link shows the actual NASA graph he's referring to, which is entitled "Global Temperature Land-Ocean Index". Evans=FAIL.

I know it chews you up inside that Al Gore is Obi-Wan Kenobi: Struck down in 2000, he became even more powerful than you could have imagined!

Don't you worry, though. Folks will come around to your way of thinking soon enough. After all, those Flat Earthers need something else useless to latch on to. Huzzah!

Dirk Belligerent said...

What is so amusing about you ManBearPig worshipers is how you are so adamantly opposed to the idea that forces other than Man can have an effect upon the Earth's climate. For your lunatic ravings to have any credence requires that all natural history and scientific knowledge be cast down the Memory Hole and the myth that the Earth was a unchanged paradise, a veritable Eden, until the late-19th Century and the Industrial Revolution began the unstoppable slide into Oblivion that only the Goreacle can led us away from. In his Gulfstream V jet. When he's not in his energy-guzzling mansion. (Obi-Wan? More like Jabba the Hutt!)

Thanks for the entertainment. Now go take your meds. You're pagan religion is unwelcome here. QED.