Wednesday, January 30, 2008

DragonForce Greatest Hits!!!

I was chatting with a friend about Guitar Hero and DragonForce and here is the log (with his permission; names changed to protect the innocent):

DirkBelig: I haven't mastered GH3 on Medium, so I'm holding off on getting more. "Play the damn games you already have!" is my watchword for this year

Carl Killah: damn, medium isn't that bad

DirkBelig: It was giving me a hassle. Can't finish Dragonforce on Med when I can 5-star it on easy

Carl Killah: wow. i did it with 87 %
Carl Killah: that song is ridiculously long
Carl Killah: [sends link to a video of a kid playing "Through the Fire and the Flames" on Ellen DeGeneres' show]

DirkBelig: I wash out at around 70% if I'm lucky. The machine gun 8th notes are the death

Carl Killah: hard mode is a pain because of the randomness of the notes

DirkBelig: Whoever gets 100% on Expert on that should win a prize, like maybe half the continent of Australia.

Carl Killah: how about a woman? cuz you gotta figure he's never had one.

DirkBelig: On Expert there are over 3500 notes. Everyone on YouTube is just showing that they can survive the thing. They have Dragonforce on the jukebox at the bar and after hours, someone will throw on a tune or two.

Carl Killah: all these years of hearing rush called wankers... wtf do you call DF and a song like that?

DirkBelig: Super-mega-uber-ultra-wankers. The album's a hoot. Every song is the same with the same structure. I wonder why the drummer doesn't drop dead.

Carl Killah: hey look at dave lombardo. 42 years old and still powering slayer along

DirkBelig: Yeah, but this is nuts. All songs are 7+ mins and that thrashy and fast.

Carl Killah: know anyone who has seen them live? does he replicate it?

DirkBelig: A guy at the bar saw 'em and said it was spot on. I've seen reports that they can be hit and miss.

Carl Killah: DF painted themselves into a corner. if they try and move away from the wankfests that they are known for their fans will revolt

DirkBelig: I describe DF as "Steve Perry sings for Iron Maiden performing the music of Europe after their adrenal systems have been replaced with meth pumps and Gameboys."
DirkBelig: Did you ever see the dubbed DF tutorial on YouTube that makes the guitarists look like clowns? Brilliant!

Carl Killah: nope
I went to my YouTube faves and found the video had been taken down. Fortunately, there was a link to the video creator's blog where he posted the legal threats he received along with an alternately-hosted copy of "Herman Li Is Cool".

This guy, Gavin Shapiro, has a bunch of very funny dubbed videos taking the piss out of shredder guitarists like DF and Michael Angelo, but the one that perfectly captures by comments on DF in the chat is this "commercial" for the totally non-existent "DragonForce Greatest Hits" compilation CD. Crank it up!

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