Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Behind the Scenes of Hillary's "Human" Moment.

So, Lady MacBeth won the New Hampshire primary last night, much to the surprise of Barack Hussein Obama and the pollsters who had him with a double-digit lead. (Wasn't worthless Kennedy spawn RFK Jr. staking his hysterical claims that the '04 Election was stolen by Dubya on the insane notion that exit polls were more accurate than counted ballots? I digress...)

The Nose on Your Face has snagged the feed of the bathetic moment in which the usually shrill and angry Hillary! managed to get all weepy and pretend that the only reason she was running for the throne of Empress Wizard was because she felt so strongly that she needed to give back to the wonderful country that gave her so much. A news report Monday night had some woman who decided she was going to vote for Eva Braun Evita Peron based on her crocoshite tears, thus reminding us why women shouldn't be allowed to vote. (Note: I don't think men should be allowed to vote either. No one should be allowed to run for office, too. Shut it all down!! FREEDOM!!!) Yeah, Hillary! doesn't want to be a totalitarian dictator who would make Joe Stalin look like Albert Schweitzer.

(h/t Powerline)

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Anonymous said...

If Hilary or Obama becomes President, what kind of taxes are we looking at? What do you think they will do and what will become of our country?