Monday, August 06, 2007

Monday Morning Coffee

Yikes!!! Two days in a row?!? Yeep!!!!

A GATHERING OF WHITE MEN: That's how the WaPo characterizes the Yearly Kos convention where pandering Dem candidates go to pander to unhinged moonbats. Sez da Post:

"It's mostly white. More male than female," says the former high school math and science teacher turned activist. "It's not very diverse."

Walking around McCormick Place during the weekend, it became clear that only a handful of the 1,500 conventioneers -- bloggers, policy experts, party activists -- are African American, Latino or Asian. Of about 100 scheduled panels and workshops, less than a half-dozen dealt directly with women or minority issues.
You mean that liberals - who are all about paying lip service to the oppressed and downtrodden - are mostly the very oppressors they accuse on-liberals of being?


CASINO ROYALE W/CHEESE: Finally got around to watching this last night and while the action scenes were crazy, the story itself was both dull and confusing. You never really get involved in what's happening and the twists are pretty obvious. Daniel Craig doesn't work for me, either; he should be remaking Steve McQueen's oeuvre.

SUNDAY MORNING BLAH-BLAH-WOOF-WOOF: For a party that's routinely smeared as theocrats, how the Stupid Party decided holding a debate on a Sunday - the Lord's day, i.e. a day of rest - morning when people would be either sleeping or at church shows they obviously aren't that rigorous in their fervor.

OBAMA STILL NOT READY FOR PRIME TIME: This empty suit really doesn't have a clue, does he? He was against the Iraq War but has been trying to act tough by threatening to invade Pakistan. The locals aren't too happy about this. Dude isn't even elected and he's already getting the world to hate us. Isn't this the reason they say Dubya should be crucified?

DIRK'S DISH DU JOUR: I don't think she's THAT hot, but she was in "Casino Royale", not too brutal on the eyes, and I haven't done one of these in ages; so Eva Green catches a break. She's welcome.

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