Monday, August 06, 2007

Ever Hear of "Alms For Jihad"? (You Probably Won't.)

I've been noticing some items about some book called "Alms For Jihad" that details how Muslim humanitarian agencies are actually front groups for funding of terrorism by Islamofascists. I regularly drive by the office building one of these "charity" outfits operated and another joint was busted a few miles from my work in Dearbornistan. Of course, the usual suspects make the usual cries of racism and persecution, but what else is new?

Anyway, this book is apparently being recalled by the publisher under threat of legal action by an extremely wealthy and connected Saudi oligarch who has the resources to sue anyone he wishes out of existence. Or the books they publish. Super mack daddy Mark Steyn writes of this in his colum "The vanishing jihad exposés" and it opens with:

How will we lose the war against "radical Islam"?

Well, it won't be in a tank battle. Or in the Sunni Triangle or the caves of Bora Bora. It won't be because terrorists fly three jets into the Oval Office, Buckingham Palace and the Basilica of St Peter's on the same Tuesday morning.

The war will be lost incrementally because we are unable to reverse the ongoing radicalization of Muslim populations in South Asia, Indonesia, the Balkans, Western Europe and, yes, North America. And who's behind that radicalization? Who funds the mosques and Islamic centers that in the past 30 years have set up shop on just about every Main Street around the planet?

For the answer, let us turn to a fascinating book called "Alms for Jihad: Charity And Terrorism in the Islamic World," by J. Millard Burr, a former USAID relief coordinator, and the scholar Robert O Collins. Can't find it in your local Barnes & Noble? Never mind, let's go to Amazon. Everything's available there...Unfortunately, if you then try to buy "Alms for Jihad," you discover that the book is "Currently unavailable. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock." Hang on, it was only published last year....not many books from 2006 are entirely unavailable with no restock in sight.
Steyn fills in some more blanks before closing with a sobering assessment that will be no surprise to anyone who read "America Alone":
We've gotten used to one-way multiculturalism: The world accepts that you can't open an Episcopal or Congregational church in Jeddah or Riyadh, but every week the Saudis can open radical mosques and madrassahs and pro-Saudi think-tanks in London and Toronto and Dearborn, Mich., and Falls Church, Va. And their global reach extends a little further day by day, inch by inch, in the lengthening shadows, as the lights go out one by one around the world.

Suppose you've got a manuscript about the Saudis. Where are you going to shop it? Think Cambridge University Press will be publishing anything anytime soon?
Where are the liberals who would be shrieking and filling their diapers if this was a book bashing Christian charities that was pulled under pressure from a rich Christian? (As if such a thing would happen. Sometimes the weirdness of the Left is such that you can't even find an antonym that doesn't sound ridiculous on its face.)

We know about Paris and Lindsey and Nicole and a whole lot of other meaningless stuff, but when it comes time to follow the money on the financing of our way of life and our civilization....PFFFTTT! Who cares? People spent $12 million on effing "Underdog" this weekend, but wouldn't have a chance to spend $12 (or whatever) on "Alms For Jihad" if they wanted.

If this book is destined to be tossed down the Memory Hole, then it MUST be set free on the Internet for people to read. Don't give me the argument that it's copyright infringement and robs the authors and publishers - there isn't going to be any money made; the sheik has seen to that - so let's cut the crap and get it out there. I've seen that there are concerns about the accuracy of some parts but the Blogosphere can fisk and flag what's not true instead of letting the errors moot the greater whole.


Anonymous said...

Could you be any more of a total moron? There is a ton of information on this subject all over the internet and in books already. Many of these fronts have already been busted right here in the U.S. My, you are ignorant.

And I just love this asshole comment:

"I regularly drive by the office building one of these "charity" outfits"

So now every Muslim charity is a front for funding extremists, you clown?

And btw, how is that surge going in Iraq? Curse those dhimmi's and the Treason Media! It's all their fault! LOL!


The primary effects generated by this decision include:

Loss of legitimacy for the Iraqi state. The establishment of every new "contractor" will be at the expense of the Iraqi state's (or any state's) primary claim to legitimacy: a monopoly of force.

A new "supercharged" criminal strata. Expect these contractors to quickly expand their operations into criminal enterprise to increase their profits. This will be made all the worse because these units will be able to use the US as enforcers.

More Warlords. Think Somalia...

JOURNAL: Infrastructure collapse in Iraq

Have a nice day! Say hello to Michael Moore for me!

Dirk Belligerent said...

Egads!!! An on-topic Backtalk?!? Zut alors!!!

Too bad it's as lame as usual. Itching for a public thrashing at my hands again, are we?

And I just love this asshole comment:

"I regularly drive by the office building one of these "charity" outfits"

So now every Muslim charity is a front for funding extremists, you clown?

No, just the ones getting raided under suspicion of funneling alms for jihad, dumbass. Scroll down to the last subsection - that's the place I was referring to. The article is about the other one in Dearbornistan.


And btw, how is that surge going in Iraq?

Apparently well enough that a pair of Brookings Institution fellows who were against the war visited and showed the intellectual honesty to publish an op-ed that differed from the goosestepping drumbeat of defeatism peddled by the Surrendercrats. (Pinch must've been busy with his Swedish penis enlarger to let that one slip thru.)


I know you cling on every crumb of news (or fantasy) that shows the war is lost, it's all for nothing, the wrong private armies (read: non-Democrat-controlled) are making a buck; blah-blah-woof-woof. Why are you so opposed to the war resulting in anything but defeat? Why do you want a result that would leave the area less secure and a home base for terrorists to train for their attacks against us and our allies? Are you hoping for defeat to ensure your pals, the fascist Dems, have political victory and power?


Dirk Belligerent said...

Because I can't edit Backtalks - only Publish or Reject them - there are some Backtalks that get thumbed-down because they're full of insulting, sneering and generally juvenile comments. I'm actually doing them the favor of sparing them the embarrassment of displaying their simpering rage.

I just got a typical missive from the Anonymous Pussy, which opened with:

"Just as I suspected. I challenge you to have one original thought and you don't have one! All you can do is regurgitate the right wing talking points that you read on LFG and Michelle Malkin."

What prompted this "neener neener" outburst? He replied to the above post yesterday morning and I haven't written back. I remember skimming it as I was getting ready for work, but forgot to get back to it because I got busy with other things.

Of course, replying would be a waste of time because he is so blinkered to reality - i.e. anything that doesn't match his agenda of seething, unhinged rage against non-fascists, non-Dems, and America in general - that he'll brush away any inconvenient truths that challenge his little bubble of hate and ignorance.

I'm sure he's crapping his pants that The New Republic is imploding with another scandal which makes Stephen Glass look like a picnic because he didn't slander 160,000 soldiers with his lies. Also, noted terrorist sympathizer and America-basher Sen. Dick Durbin said that the surge appears to be making headway and the polls are starting to move in America's favor. It's all too much to bear for our po' widdle Pussy.

Bub, when I get a moment to waste, perhaps I'll thrash your sophistry some more to slake your thirst for public humiliation at my hands. Until then, get over yourself. And learn some f*cking manners when you're in someone else's house.

Anonymous said...

"they're full of insulting, sneering and generally juvenile comments"

Are you that lacking in self awareness? Is that even possible? Lol!

Dick Durbin? TNR? Why do you think I care even the slightest about these people?

And Dirk, "inconvenient truths" was not funny the first time. It sure as heck isn't funny the 50th time!

Dirk Belligerent said...

Of course you don't care about anyone that damages the storyline of American failure and the need for fascist-Democrat rule. Facts are your enemy. Ta now.