Thursday, August 09, 2007

Feed Me, Dirk! FEED ME!!!

When I switched over the template for Dirkworld® to the new style Blogger was offering, a lot of the extras I had, like the hit counter and RSS feed link, got nuked in the move and I've finally gotten around to patching them back in.

Since updates can either be five items per day or once every couple of weeks, it's impractical to expect you kind readers to constantly check back in hopes of some new bon mot has been posted, so please avail yourselves of the 21st Century spiffiness of news feeds and hit the link to let the news come to you.

I had gotten so many new sites I wanted to follow, I had to add a 2nd tab to my customized Google home page and move the tech stuff off to that. Hope that y'all find some spare pixels on your page to park the Paul Review Signature Model™ feed from here. Thank you.

BTW, if the feed-adding thing doesn't work, drop a comment in the Backtalks section so that I can look into it. Thanks.

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