Friday, August 03, 2007

Friday Morning Coffee...Wha? Wait! Friday Morning Coffee?!?!?

Yep. I've got a huge stack of stuff I'd love to expound upon at length, but I'm too busy to do anything but this. You're welcome.

MINNEAPOLIS BRIDGE IS FALLING DOWN, FALLING DOWN...: In the wake of this tragedy, I was not sure if it would be scarier that Al Queda may have been involved or that they weren't and this is more shoddy governmentally-contracted infrastructure work. The Left is trying to blame the War to Save Western Civilization From Islamofascism - ugh, that's wordy, albeit accurate - for diverting money away from providing union jobs building crappy bridges. Nevermind that our roads and bridges have been crumbling forever, including during the Clinton Regime when we were pretending we weren't under attack, this is all Dubya's fault!! And global warming!!!! Yeah!!! Pffft.

FILE UNDER "SELF-DISCREDITING MEMES": I've written before about the specious whining of the Left over about Team Dubya has chilled speech and turned America into a totalitarian state. Ignoring the rank projection of their wishes for unchecked power upon others, the fact that all we ever hear about in the press is how they can't say their American-hating, BDS piece, yet never seem to get "disappeared" in the night, provides enough irony to allow one to eliminate spinach from their diet.

Hugh Hewitt notices this disconnect in an E.J. Dionne encomium to Head Moonbat Kos and flagged it as such:

Moulitsas, 35, created his Daily Kos Web site on May 26, 2002 -- "in those dark days," as his site puts it, "when an oppressive and war-crazed administration suppressed all dissent as unpatriotic and treasonous." Daily Kos took off because so many Democrats shared Moulitsas's view of the second President Bush.
Got that? DailyKos has thrived because all dissent has been suppressed. Of course, you have to remember that they make up their own meanings for words that are unrelated to what standard dictionaries say. They're kind of like Norm Crosby if he wanted to be a dictator.

THE SILKY PONY'S ENDLESS HYPOCRISY: John Edwards pees sitting down, much like John Mayer. First he has to send his terminally-ill wife, Elizabeth, out to attack Ann Coulter and others who are mean to him. Then he tries to copy RFK's rich-dude-visits-po'-folk tour and even the Treason Media says he's ridiculous. (If he were to write his autobiography, "Profiles in Lack of Testicular Fortitude" is a leading title candidate.)

Lately, he's been the leading surrender monkey pandering to the Kos Kidz to force his fellow Dems from debating on the Fox News Channel because, well, because they're terrified of being asked a question that will reveal their dishonesty and lack of intellectual rigor. Malkin had a story about Edwards bashing Hillary! for taking $20,000 in bribes, er, contributions from News Corp. officials. Now comes word that he was paid at least $800,000 by Harper-Collins - which is owned by dum-dum-DUM!!! NEWS CORP!!! Aiieeeee!!!! - for some book. (Funny how the Murdoch-owned NY Post busts him on it.)
Edwards claimed $333,334 in royalties from last year's release of the book, according to media accounts. The campaign said last night that those funds were part of the advance.

He says he gave that amount to charity, which would also provide tax benefits for Edwards. "We're more than happy to give even more of Murdoch's money to Habitat for Humanity and other good causes," spokesman Eric Schultz told The Post yesterday.

He declined to show proof, however, that Edwards had donated the $500,000 advance or $300,000 expense checks to charity.
Hypocrisy and greed. Or what Johnny boy calls "Friday."

Why am I thinking of "Werewolves of London" when I see this picture?

OBAMA'S MISSTEPS SHOW HE'S NOT READY FOR PRIME TIME: Barack Obama - or Barack HUSSEIN Obama as Coulter calls him - has said a couple of really stupid things in the past week. First he said at the silly YouTube/CNN debate he'd tour the world to kiss the rings of every thug dictator who'd receive him in his first year of office. Now he's promising not to use nukes, which kind of reduces their threatening cachet with our enemies. How naive and callow are these gaffes? Hillary! is pounding him over them and sounding like Patton compared to the rest of the Surrendercrats she's allied with.

Obama and Edwards need to drop out of the race. They could open a business together that would trade on their innate traits: EMPTY SUIT WAREHOUSE!!!

SHE'S JUST A DHIMMI: Gwen Stefani - who really needs to get back with No Doubt and send the Harajuku girls over to my place - is touring Asia and her date at Kuala Lumpur is being protested by the local members of the Religion of Perptual Outrage, er, PEACE (yeah, that's the ticket) because she's not tented enough for their tastes. Not wanting to forego money or, I dunno, STAND UP FOR WOMEN'S RIGHTS, Gwen has decided to bow before the sword of Islam and comport herself like a good dhimmi.

To recap, this is Gwen Stefani under what we're told by the Left is an intolerant, repressive, sex-fearing, misogynist, theocratic, fascist regime here in America:

And this is Gwen under the kind auspices of Condi and Dubya's Religion of Peace and Love:

Any questions? Still want to surrender the war against Islamofascism? Call your Congressman now!

FRIDAY FIVER: 1. What is your local lake/river/sea?

Detroit River/Lake St. Clair

2. Do you believe in dragons and unicorns?

Who are you? Stevie Nicks?

3. What is your favorite fruit?

Elton, apples, I guess. Grapes are nice, too.

4. Do you smoke?

No, but I am SSSSSSSSSSMOKIN'!!!! Har har!

5. Friday fill-in: Together they would _____ .

Not be apart?

Boy, this was a lame quiz this week. :-\

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