Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hillary! Outsources Her Campaign Theme Song!!!

The Marie Antoinette of Arkansas, Hillary! Clinton, had a "Pick My Campaign Theme Song" contest, and the winner was announced today and I wonder if the Treason Media will note the fact that the winning song is "You and I": a song performed by a French-Canadian (Celine Dion) and written by a French-Canadian (Aldo Nova of "Fantasy" fame) as the theme of an Air Canada commercial campaign in 2004. (Source)

Say what you will about the dreadful John Mellencamp/Chevrolet "My Country" ads; at least an American car company had the sense to hire an American musician to supply the music to accompany the montage of American sights. Is the fact that "You and I" was even in the running for this contest a tacit admission by the Hillary! camp that there are songs that American songwriters won't write?

Looking at Hillary!'s press release, I see that other contestants were:

Suddenly I See - KT Tunstall - Good song (heard over opening credits of "The Devil Wears Prada"), but by a Scottish singer.

Rock This Country! - Shania Twain - Don't know the tune, but Shania is hot. And Canadian.

Beautiful Day - U2 - Irish band and didn't Kerry use this in 2004?

I'm a Believer - Smash Mouth - OK song, but couldn't they have used The Monkees version or is this "Shrek" payback for their pals at Dreamworks? (Spielberg has endorsed Hillary!)

Get Ready - The Temptations - Let's see: A classic Motown song by the only black artists on the list (that weren't write-ins); shouldn't this have been a shoo-in choice?

If a savvy American candidate was on the case, absolutely, but since we're dealing with the patently phony Hillary! - who adopts a Steppin Fetchit accent when she talks to black audiences - not a chance. If Hillary! can't control her elitist tendencies and overt sympathies toward the rich and powerful over the little guys and minorities to pick a frigging SONG, what hope is there that she'll be able to manage as Leader of the Free World? She can't even pander to her base properly!

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Steve said...

C’mon, admit it. You love this song. Now everybody, sing along with me: http://theointment.com/?m=20070622

There. Wasn’t that fun?