Thursday, June 14, 2007

Dennis Miller vs. Harry Reid...WHO YA GOT!!!

The pathetic, treasonous, shady land-dealing asstackler from Nevada, Harry Reid, has made his latest retarded bleatings (which apparently were unreported by his allies in the Treason Media; just as his Mormonism isn't slandered like Romney's) against former Joint Chief Peter Pace, calling him "incompetent." (As one blogger wonders, how is it that Team Dubya has thrown Pace under the bus while failure of an AG Gonzales gets to keep riding?)

Whenever Reid makes his breathy, sighing statements, he reminds me of former Dem Senate leader Tom Daschle, who was terminally "disappointed" with the slow progress in instituting totalitarian Democrat rule over the nation. (Is whispering supposed to make their fascist rhetoric less of a threat to freedom?) Anyhoo, whenever you see Reid's deathly pallor, keep this spot-on smackdown by Dennis Miller in mind:


Anonymous said...


Did a search on your blog - did not find one comment critical of Tom Delay, who was far more of a criminal than Harry Reid. I'm shocked!

So .... how is that surge going? Still "promising"? Did you like that move of arming the Sunni's so they could kill Al Queda? We are now arming the same militia's and tribes that have been killing our soldiers. Isn't it nice to know they can now kill our soldiers with American weapons? Arming anti-government forces, now that is what I call a flourising democracy. Don't you agree? Nice work, Dubya!

Love you Dirky!


Dirk Belligerent said...

Tom Delay hasn't been convicted of anything, yet he was run out of the leadership and then his office because a Democratic hack prosecutor brought specious charges that never seemed to go to trial.

In the meantime, they finally got around to charging William Jefferson - the Democrat with $90,000 in cold cash in his freezer that fatass sack of poo, Denny Hastaert (don't care if it's spelled right), stepped in to protect at the cost of the House (dumbass) - for all his corruption.

Neat how that works, huh? Dem hack goes grand jury shopping until he finds one that will lay probably bogus charges to take down a Stupid Party House leader, but when an honest-to-goodness corrupt Dem Congressman is busted with bribe money in his freezer, the Stupid Party rushes in to save his bacon.

The Dems have proven themselves to be even more corrupt than the Stupid Party and they haven't even been power for six months yet. Between Feinstein's hubby getting consulting gigs, Reid and Obama's real estate shenanigans, Murtha's endless treasons and criminality, etc., etc., etc., the Dems have proven to be just as craven as they accused the Stupid Party, the only difference is that the Treason Media protects them from negative coverage. Corruption was never the issue. That Dems weren't getting rich off the grift was. Duh.

As for the surge, people like you will twist and distort anything and everything from the moment we armed the muhajadeen in Afghanistan thru today to fix blame on America for all that's wrong with the world (excluding years when Dems are in power, natch), so it's pointless to even try to discuss the issue.

You are invested in America's defeat and the triumph of Islamofascism over the world. You can't wait to live as a dhimmi bitch on your knees before the Sword of Islam in the gloriously restored Caliphate of Allah. There is a bi-partisan effort to eliminate the United States as it was once constituted and great and you probably don't even care since you're too busy rooting for your fellow fascists to rule the world. Loser.

Anonymous said...

"As for the surge, people like you will twist and distort anything"

Rather than claiming I twist and distort things, why not point out what I have twisted and distorted?

So, are you in favor of arming the Sunni's who have been killing Americans? And you call me an America hater? It sounds like you are the one wishing for dead soldiers. How sick are you?

Pointless to discuss the issue? That sounds to me like - afraid to discuss the issue. Is it not a sad day when we provide weapons to our enemies to kill Al Queda because we are incapable of doing the job ourselves, knowing full well that those same weapons will be turned against Americans? Quite a connudrum, wouldn't you say?

"You are invested in America's defeat and the triumph of Islamofascism over the world."

Uh yeah, Dirky. Sure. Us Jews pray daily for the triumph of fundamentalist Islam because they love us so much! I can't wait! Idiot.


Dirk Belligerent said...

You keep trying to foist the meme that I'm the one who wants dead American GIs when it's clear that my comments have been consistently that this isn't a real war because we're not actually killing bad guys, preferring an insane "kinder, gentler warmaking" philosophy of Dubya's making.

If we were to run around and kill Al Queda (like we should), then we'd be slammed as "Crusaders killing Muslims" by the unified Treason Media and their Al Jazeera partners. If the idea is that Iraq is supposed to stand up for themselves and fight their own fights, then they're going to need some guns to do it, eh?

You're trying to frame it as a hat trick of U.S. failure, stupidity and self-defeatism when you say that it is "a sad day when we provide weapons to our enemies to kill Al Queda because we are incapable of doing the job ourselves, knowing full well that those same weapons will be turned against Americans", as if some general or Dubya said, "Gosh, we're too pathetic to kill bad guys. Let's give these guys some guns to do the job even though we know they're going to turn around and shoot us with them."

Ummmmmm, yeah, riiiiiiiiight. Puh-leeze.

If we were doing the killing ourselves, you'd be attacking our involvement. Since we have Iraqis trying to take care of their own mess with guns we give them, you're attacking. If Iran sends weapons over their borders to kill Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan....uh, well, that's Dubya's fault, too, since you're all about slamming wars not run by your team, right?

As for you being Jewish; I had no idea, but some of the loudest voices calling for the abandonment of Israel are Jewish and I have no idea what animates such behavior. It's like listening to Catholics argue against defending the Vatican City, except much worse because if something were to happen to VC, the Catholic faith would go on. When the Islamofascists like Aquavelvajad (as Dennis Miller calls him) get their crack at a nuclear-powered Final Solution, it'll be far worse for the Twelve Tribes, won't it?

But, you aren't that deep, are you? You just sit there and sneer about the surge - that is the least of my worries at the moment - and hope that I don't crush you with the Truth again. Never works out for you, does it? Ta!