Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Secure Our Borders. No Amnesty.

I've been meaning to write a lengthy commentary entitled "Why Bother Having A Country?" but some serious family issues have really cut into my blogging time even more than usual. It's still in the works, but this requires immediate attention.

Over the past six weeks, an unholy troika of Team Dubya, the Stupid Party, and the Fascist Dems have been laboring mightily to destroy America's national character in a bi-partisan sellout that both sides believe is to their benefit. The Dems are looking to convert the 12-20 million illegal aliens into a permanent poverty class that will swear fealty (and votes) to the Donkey God in exchange for the promise of alms from Caesar. The Stupid Party wants to supply their fat cat business chainholders with a supply of discount priced labor and believes that as the party that isn't seeking to kill God (like the Dems), they reap all those Catholic votes. It's cynical, immoral and effing WRONG!!!

Today, the Senate - who fancy themselves the "World's Most Deliberative Body" - cut off the sham debate by invoking cloture and is blazing full speed ahead to get this monster passed before the people show up with torches and pitchforks. They've been inundated with calls and e-mails, jamming the switchboards at the Capitol, but instead of rethinking their positions lest they incur the wrath of the voters, they have collectively flipped the citizens the bird. The invaders who can't even legally vote for them are a more important constituency to these empty suits than those voters who were born here or legally immigrated.

Senator Jim Inhofe has a petition going which will allow people to make a futile gesture as if our overlords really gave a sh*t about what we thought. Come on, if all the calls, letters, e-mails, demands of refunds of political contributions, and nearly unanimous condemnation by conservative talk hosts - Michael Medved has been too forgiving of this shamnesty - hasn't gotten their attention, a simple click on a site won't either, but whatever.

Members of the United State Senate,

I am one of the millions of Americans who believes our first priority as a nation should be to secure our borders by enforcing existing laws. Amnesty is not the solution.

I urge you to vote against the immigration reform bill currently being considered in the Senate and to oppose any future effort that undermines our national security or grants amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants.
There is a box with which you can tack on a personal message, so I kicked in this 1/50th of a dollar with my token addition:
Instead of jamming this shamnesty down the public's collective throat over the nearly universal objections of the poor peasants - who will actually have to suffer the day-to-day consequences of your capricious actions while you glide from your Ivory Towers to your limos to your lofty ruling perches - why not just cut to the chase and surrender all disputed territories to the reconquistas and then take down the Stars and Stripes because you clearly have no intention on preserving and protecting the national you pretend to serve?
Ah, another paragraph-length sentence from the ol' Dirkster! Perhaps this will be the pearl of enlightenment that will make the light bulb go on over the empty heads of the dim bulbs running this country into the ground.


As of 7:15 EST (about 5 hours ago), they have 56,808 signatures and this map shows the distribution of signatures so far:

Hmmmmm....still some spaces where people aren't pissed off or are just spaces without people.

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