Monday, June 04, 2007

Firefox 2.0 = Teh k3wl!

Because I'd heard that Firefox 2.x was a buggy memory hog, I'd held off on upgrading from FF 1.5.x, but after an auto-update jacked up my work install, I moved to FF 2.0 and have since moved all my PCs to 2.0.

I don't like the change in the way tabs are handled - it's like IE 7, which the tab closing buttons on the tab itself, instead of one button on the right side that closes the currently selected tab - but the built in spell-checker is tha bomb, yo! When you do as much writing online as I do, this is invaluable.

If you do a lot of writing and care about not looking like an illiterate, definitely give Firefox 2.0 a shot.

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