Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Why Linux Fanboys Suck.

I've mentioned before how Apple aficionados are glazed-eye cultists who would take pictures of their unwrapping a box of Steve Jobs poo and Linux fanboys are the suicide bombers of geekdom as they can't control their reflexive need to be total asstacklers on teh Intarwebs, crapping on any thread, article or site that doesn't bash Micro$oft to their satisfaction. F*cking jerks.

The latest example can be found in the very first comment after the lightweight piece at ZDNet, "10 essential tweaks for Windows Vista RC1". Here's what a too-typical Linux jerk had to say:

Number 11

Format hard drive and get off the Windows treadmill.

Leave Redmond behind. You will have more money, you will get more work done because you're not constantly fighting the exploit-of-the-day or endlessly applying the patch-of-the-moment (which requires a restart), and your PC will be fun again like it used to be.
It's this snotty, arrogant crap that keeps people from trying Linux in the first place - a subject I covered in "Regarding: Linux Snobs" which had a link to a piece calling out these shmucks on their counterproductive belligerence. A snip from that:
As I spoke to newbies, one Windows user who wanted to learn about Linux shared the encouraging and constructive note (not) he received from one of the project members. The responding note read: "Hi jackass, RTFM and stop wasting our time trying to help you children learn."

Lovely little encouragement. This particular Windows user was a newbie to Linux but had been in the I.T. industry for years. His question, regarding "how do I start process daemons like a web server" was reasonable, not childish. His reaction to the Linux "guru" was also reasonable. He basically said that he doesn't have time to deal with people so fanatic and terse they reject questions on message boards created to answer questions.
It's only a matter of time before the Linux jihadists adopt the Islamofascists "Convert or DIE!!!!" strategery for forcing their geek religious beliefs upon the rest of us. Llamas!!!

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