Sunday, September 17, 2006

Pope Benny 16 vs. The Religion of Peace

It's been fascinating to see the Treason Media cheerfully fomenting death and destruction by misreporting the speech of Pope Benny 16 that has got the Religion of Peace firebombing churches and threatening to kill all the Christians in Iraq and destroy the Vatican. While they explain that the context was clear that the Pope was quoting a 14th Century Emperor, the nuance-free Muslim Street has been going berserk as if Benny said that Mohammad's mama wore combat boots.

Michelle Malkin has good wrapups on her The Religion of Peace Firebombs & Fatwas and Pope Rage on the Internet; church bombings in Gaza posts, so check them out.

The media's hatred for Christianity and hunger for spectacle to broadcast - nothing like riots, bombings and firebombs to make for good TV, eh? - is going to make them make damn sure that the Muslims are riled up and the world is terrified of offending the throat-cutting jihadis. Since the Treason Media shares the fascist power lust of the Islamist killers, look for things to get much worse.

Dead Christians; a terrified West; fascism ascendent; exciting images = Treason Media's Dream Quadruple Play!!!

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