Saturday, September 16, 2006

Hit Man 0, Potential Victim 1

From the Stanger Than Fiction Dept. comes the story of the woman who killed the hitman sent to whack her with her bare hands!

When Susan Kuhnhausen returned home from work one day earlier this month, she encountered an intruder wielding a claw hammer. After a struggle, the 51-year-old nurse fended off her attacker by strangling him with her bare hands.

Neighbors praised the woman for her bravery, and investigators said they believed the dead man -- Edward Dalton Haffey -- was burglarizing Kuhnhausen's home.

But after an investigation, police now say the intruder Kuhnhausen strangled was apparently a hit man hired by her estranged husband -- Michael James Kuhnhausen Sr. -- to kill her.
As the item on the Corner said, good help is hard to find!

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