Wednesday, September 13, 2006

America the Treacherous

On 9/11, one of my MySpace "friends" - whose only connection to me other than his band plays the bar I hang at and he went to the same high school, 12 years after me - sent out a bulletin with "Loose Change", the bogus 9/11 conspiracy film that has gained much currency (no pun) with the terminally stupid and insane as PROOF, MAN, of Team Dubya's staging of the event. He wrote:

Even if you're not a conspiracy nut like myself and a few of my friends I believe that every American should watch this documentary and make his or her own decisions about the events upon and leading up to that day.
What f*cking codswallop!!! I wrote him back:
I double-dog dare ya to forward this link to your list as a companion piece to your friends with the same enthusiasm as you encourage them to waste their time watching the totally fraudulent "Loose Change" film.

* There is no 9/11 conspiracy you morons.

Short version: We're supposed to believe that the government conspired to pull off this massive scheme without a single leak after five years, yet after supposedly killing 3,000 people, they've allowed these assholes to remain alive to blow their secret?!? Think about THAT!

* 9-11 Loose Change Second Edition Viewer Guide

Short version: The author states, "I'll tell you now that in this hour and twenty-minute video I counted 81 errors of fact (statements like "1+1 = 3"). In addition, I counted 345 instances of conjecture not supported by evidence, logical fallacies, uses of images that do not support the conclusions being drawn, and other flubs. And that's only counting errors of commission. The errors of omission are more serious. (Note: I have turned up more errors while doing this update, but I find it too depressing to count them.)

The Truth is not something that can be decided by watching some charlatans tinfoil hat lunacy and agreeing or not. The Truth is what it is - fire burns, water is wet, gravity pulls down, Angelina Jolie is the hottest woman in the Universe (j/k), etc. - and if some idiots want to make a movie that says that fire is cool, water is dry, a dropped brick will float away and Anna Nicole Smith is capable of spelling her own name, that's fine and dandy, but IT DOESN'T MAKE IT SO!!!!

Dude, if you want to be crazy and believe every lie someone wants to tell you, suit yourself; but please don't encourage others to waste their time following you into the darkness of lies and ignorance. I notice you haven't encouraged anyone to watch "The Path to 9/11" - why not? Shouldn't that be part of the informational diet for people to ponder and decide about or is that inadmissable because it doesn't fit your conspiracy theories?

Do you have a theory about Tim McVeigh and the OKC bombing or is the official "lone bomber" story good enough for you?

Needless to say, the pussy didn't send it out and didn't write back. I'd slapped him for sending a video of George Galloway around lying about Iraq and he didn't do anything with that either. He's a useful idiot, unassailed by facts, reality or Truth and he likes it that way. Llama.

I'm not the only one who's noticed, as Jonah Goldberg's column about "The seditious dementia of conspiracy theories" discusses much of this phenomenom:
There is a virulent form of unpatriotism festering in America today. Like an algae bloom that deprives life of oxygen, it starves democracy of the air of reason. It now thrives on what we call the far Left, but like a dead zone off the coast, it moves with the tides.

I am referring to the seditious dementia of conspiracy theories, the death of faith not in some mere administration or Congress but in America itself.

Haven’t you heard? The U.S. government blew up the World Trade Center. Oh, sorry, that’s not right. The planes did knock down those buildings, but the White House was in on it. Oh, no, sorry again, that’s not what happened. It was the Jews. They razed it without leaving any fingerprints — save for the 4,000 Zionist co-conspirators who were tipped off in advance — in order to frame the peace-loving Muslims of al Qaeda. (Those crafty Hebrews are always coming up with clever ways to make Islamic fanatics look bad, like getting blown up.) Bin Laden’s admission that he did it? Well, of course. He’s in on it.

Presumably, Bush’s demolition experts applied the same expertise to the levees in New Orleans. That’s another theory in wide circulation today thanks in no small part to Spike Lee, who gave it a fair airing in an HBO documentary.

The metaphysical, ontological stupidity of all this defies rational rebuttal. It would be like proving I didn’t have unicorn for dinner in late December of 1987.


The masons of dementia build upon a bedrock of one absolute truth: Bad things happen, and someone must be responsible. Upon this bedrock they pile convenient and selective facts like bricks. Contradictory facts are clever lies. When Popular Mechanics debunked 9/11 hokum, the immediate response from conspiratorialists was “cover-up!” and “CIA front!” because in this perverted faith, denying the ultimate truth must be proof of a lie.

This rough beast slouches toward sedition because it assumes not that our leaders are knaves or even mere criminals, but that they are murderous Supermen with no loyalty to nation, decency or law. Our Constitution is a fraud, a charade for the rubes some of us naively call citizens. If you disagree, you’re either fool or “in on it.” In his 1964 essay, “The Paranoid Style in American Politics,” Richard Hofstadter demonstrated that this fever of the mind is as old as America itself and its outbreaks flare up across the ideological landscape. What is so sad and frightening is that this diseased thinking is reaching epidemic proportions. More than a third of Americans believe the U.S. government was likely to have been involved in 9/11.

In the past, when these outbreaks occurred on the political right, liberal hand-wringers fretted about incipient fascism and rising McCarthyism. Today, the best we get from them is a bemused and sterile chuckle.
It's a weak end to the column, but the bulk is a sound recitation of facts. The BDS-consumed Left will not begin to hush up until they reclaim power. They're pitiful children and like most spoiled brats, they don't think about the consequences of their actions. The ends justify the means and if thousands of innocents and soldiers have to die in order to damage their enemies political viability, then so be it. The Left's Divine Right to rule over us is all that matters to them. Never forget that.

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