Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Wednesday Morning Coffee (No kidding!)

Whoa! Can this really be happening? Looks like it is! It's a Morning Coffee!!! HIT IT!!!!

POPE BENNY 16 UNDER FIRE: Isn't it ironic that the Religion of Peace is reacting to the accurate mention by the Pope that some people have noticed that Islam has a history of violence by rioting, firebombing churches, making death threats and the murder of a nun in Somalia? The Pope has made "Sorry if you were too stupid to understand what I was saying" non-apology apologies, but what he really needs to do is issue a call to arms against this barbaric, medieval Religion of Death. Will the dewy-eyed pacifism and turn-the-other-cheeck dogmas of Christianity lead to its being run thru by the sword of Islam. Sorry, Benny, ain't gonna play that. Don't be the shepherd who led his flock to slaughter.

MEXICAN INVADERS CAN STAY, DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER GOES: From the "Misplaced Priorities" file is this item from The Jawa Report:

A few years ago, he captured a rich American serial rapist that hid away in Mexico. That is a good thing. However, bounty hunting is illegal in Mexico (watch out Yule Brenner). So, The Dog ended up in jail for his effort to bring an American a-hole to justice. He posted bail and promptly came home.

Now the Mexican authorities want him back to face charges for his illegal actions. WTF? He did nothing to their citizens and had no intention of ever going back. Ever. But a US Federal judge signed the warrant for his arrest and they are in the process of beginning the extradition process to send him to Mexico.

Again. WTF?

How about a federal judge spend time working on extraditing illegal aliens from the US back to Mexico. The US judge argues that he is just enforcing treay obligations. So, we have a treaty that sends American good guys who capture American bad guys to face prison time in Mexican prisons, but no agreement for Mexico to help gather their wayward citizens illegally in this country.

I could go on and on, but, come on, WTF?!?
WTF, indeed.

ROSIE O'DONNELL IS A STUPID COW: Yeah, I know that is as obvious as "Ellen DeGeneres gets more hot blonde girls than Bill Maher", but what else can be said about her obtuse tone-deaf comments about how "radical Christians are as great a threat as radical Muslims"? Hey, Rosie! As unhappy as you may be about not having the support for gay marriage - the same issue that drove Andrew Sullivan insane - just how dumb do you have to be to not know that under sharia law, not only would her fat ass be hidden under a tent, but she wouldn't be allowed to mouth off as a career and as a lesbian, SHE'D...BE...DEAD?!?!? Idiot!!!

Remember when the media lauded her as the "Queen of Nice"? What a crock that was as she attacked Tom Selleck over guns, etc. Which famous lesbian comic will be hosting the Oscars next year. (Hint: Not Dumb Cow Girl.) Ellen is very popular because she comes off as nice and non-militant in a way that the bitter, rage-filled (normal emotional state of the Left) Rosie can no longer pretend to be. She's not downplaying her sexuality - she's just not making it her only distiguishing trait. I'm waiting for Elizabeth Hasselback to finally haul off and coldcock Rosie one of these days.

INTARWEB HYPE RESULTS INCONSISTENCIES: After nearly a year of fervent buzz, "Snakes on a Plane" finally came out and crashed at the box office, despite being a really fun popcorn movie. Pundits are proclaiming this as proof that Web buzz means nothing in the end. OTOH, aren't pundits claiming that Kos puppet Ned Lamont is proof that the Web is able to swing politics? Hmmmm.

HOT MUSLIM BABES!: Ever wonder what was under those bhurqas?

No wonder the repressed Islamofascists want to cover women up! They're self-hating pussies who are hung like infants and it's better to hide the babes than get aroused and be laughed at by said babes.

Of course, our wonderful ally (*cough*) in the War Against Islamofascism, Pakistan, probably would like to drag an American resident back to her native Pakistan to kill her for winning a Chinese bikini contest.

Wonder what Rosie would say about this if it was Christians looking to punish these women? (Not really. I know what she'd say vs. what she'd say about this.)

WELCOME THE JAWA REPORT AND THE ANCHORESS TO DIRKWORLD: Based on what I've seen and linked today, I'm adding The Jawa Report to my blog roll at right. Good stuff. I've also been meaning to post a bunch of links from The Anchoress because she's very good on religious issues. Check them out, won't you?

BUY THIS T-SHIRT!: In response to an insipid Arabic t-shirt worn by the Treason Media-protected Nazi Cindy Sheehan, Michelle Malkin is selling these t-shirts:

I want to get one and wear it in front of the local Jihad Coordination Center here in Dearbornistan. Proceeds are going to some good cause, but even if they weren't, it's a good way to announce to the Islamo- (and Democrat) fascists that you're not gonna go out like a punk bitch.

DIRK'S DISH & VIDEO DU JOUR: The Sounds are a Swedish band whose debut, "Living In America", was a great knockoff of the Eighties sound - if Kim Wilde had done an album between her first and "Select", it would've sounded like this. Their second album wasn't as catchy, despite having a great cover...

...on which neither girl is singer Maja Ivarsson.

The Sounds haven't broken thru here, but Maja got some, ahem, exposure in the video for the theme to "Snakes on a Plane". The group, Cobra Academy, is some sort of emo band supergroup and since I'm not a crying teenaged pussy, I have no idea who any of these guys are. Regardless, the tune is actually really cool, but the real attraction of the video is Maja's hoochie girl moves and a shirt that definitely wouldn't pass Taliban muster. I wonder how many takes they couldn't use because her goodies were overexposed?

Anyhoo, here's the video and Maja's peek-a-boobs. Enjoy!

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