Sunday, May 04, 2008

I...Saw...Iron Man!


Iron Man is the best comic book movie that doesn't have "X-Men" in the title. Briskly-paced, perfectly acted (though Terrance Howard's breathy voice makes him seem wimpy), excellent FX, and a story with ADULT meaning to it and not dumbed-down for the kiddies and toy manufacturers. I thought the villain was able to get away with too much, but overall it ROCKED! Even the usually tubercular-looking Apple's Mama/Free Trade Dude Plooker was attractive and adorable. Stan the Man's cameo is his best yet.

Much, much, MUCH better than the Spider-dork films and a ringing indictment of how they've stupidly squandered the Fantastic Four franchise. The Incredible Hulk trailer still looks like shite, but The Dark Knight looks crazy off the hook - damn, Heath Ledger should be around to take a bow for this, the way it looks - but will probably make less than Iron Man because it's so dark compared to the peppier Iron Dude.

Score: 8.5/10 - Pay full price on a big screen.

In related news, here's a cute spoof with Batman and Iron Man sniping at each other:

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