Friday, May 30, 2008

Iraq: What The Dems Said THEN.

With the release of Scott McClellan's book - which has turned him overnight from a "mouthpiece for the Reich" to the "fearless Truth-speaker" in the eyes of the seditious Left - the old, tired, and still dishonest chants of "BUSH LIED! PEOPLE DIED!" are being heard again.

While the stupid and ignorant have always been gulled by this rubbish, people with an interest in the facts and memories longer than 10 minutes realized that the Dems had pulled an Orwellian arabesque and reversed their positions on Iraq the moment it didn't look as smooth-going as the first Gulf War had been.

The quotes from many of today's detractors have been published far and wide across the Blogosphere, but someone has put together a tidy video SHOWING just how emphatic the belief in Saddam's threat to the world was when they were in power.

Today, these jokers claim they were "misled" by a guy they routinely deride as barely able to dress himself and the Treason Media pliantly covers for them. If that we so, what was there excuse in 1998? I suppose Dubya was using his Jedi powers on them all from the Governor's office in Austin.


persephone2u said...

And furthermore, the Dems now say they're not going to exit Iraq immediately anyway, so I don't know why they claim that they were "misled." As this video clearly shows, they believed that Saddam was a threat also. Not that any of them will admit it now of course. God help America if the Dems win the election. If people think it's bad now, just wait!

Dirk Belligerent said...

Even more distressing is that as Al Queda leaders are starting to rethink the effectiveness of terror as they're being defeated in Iraq, the Obamessiah would still declare defeat and retreat. He wants to be Commander (Surrenderer?)-in-Chief, yet refuses to visit Iraq and meet with Gen. Patraeus. His aides say that he doesn't like to watch the news - only ESPN - which indicates a stunning lack of curiosity about something he should know cold. How pitiful is it that a lying, calculating criminal like Hillary! would be more in the nation's interest?