Wednesday, May 16, 2007

How Can Dems Stand Up To Terror When They Can't Face Brit Hume?

That the Democratic Party is a herd of corrupt, unprincipled losers is old news. That they're terrified of debating on Fox News Channel has been covered here as well. But as the announcement of the six remaining debates shows, they're still unwilling to go on the highest-rated cable news channel for fear of no getting the underhanded softballs the reliably-in-their-corner Treason Media channels toss them.

The Democratic National Committee has officially announced "the dates, media sponsors and cities for the six DNC sanctioned debates."

CNN and NBC get two and ABC and CBS get one each. Fox News isn't included.
Liberals repeatedly spew the lie that the Treason Media isn't overwhelmingly biased in their favor, preferring to rant about how FNC is a "GOP propaganda organ" when their real complaint is their monopoly on the dissemination of information has been broken. Life was so simple and people were more easily controlled when they could determine what people heard and thought about it.

In contrast to the yellow Dems, the Stupid Party held their first debate a couple of weeks ago on MSNBC, home of former Dem apparatchik Chris Matthews and supremely insane Dubya-hater Keith Olberman. Matthews' idea of questions for the Leader of the Free World wannabes was tripe like, "Wouldn't it be great if Bill Clinton was in the White House?" and "Should Scooter Libby be pardoned?" - all fascinating to a backward-looking dumbass like Matthews, but useless to voters who may wish to learn something about the candidates.

But, the Stupid Partiers put up with it, something that the quisling Dems haven't the stones to match. What the hell are they afraid of? Being asked how they'd protect the country in a time of war or sustain the economy with all their grand schemes to raise taxes and lard even more socialism onto the books? Are they afraid that if they answer in a way that panders to their barking moonbat base, they'll alienate the sane viewers and vice versa? Better to hide than face up to the risks, isn't it?

North Korea and Iran are seeking nuclear weapons in order to bully the world into submitting to their reign of terror. How can Obama or Clinton or the Silky Pony and the rest of the dwarfs make the claim that they're up to the task when they can't face the likes of Brit Hume for 90 minutes of questions?


UPDATE: Check out this montage of questions from the first (MSNBC) and second (FNC) Stupid Party debates and see how the liberal spin that Fox News is in the tank for the Stupid Party is a lie and get a sense of why the Dems are terrified of facing hard questions on their way to holding power.

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