Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"Five crucial things the Linux community doesn't understand about the average computer user."

That's the title of a ZDNet blog post by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes and while he suggests that on the whole, users aren’t all that dissatisfied with Windows; there are too many distros; people want certainty that hardware and software will work; as far as most people are concerned, the command line has gone the way of the dinosaur; and Linux is still too geeky, he misses the big reason which I posted into the TalkBack:

Only Reason: Linux Maniacs Are Rude A-Holes!

All you have to do is read any ZDNet story TalkBack to see the same two mobs in action:

1. The Apple Cultists - These Kool-Aid engorged cows are so convinced that Steve Jobs is the representative of God on Earth and that anything more than one mouse button is the work of the Devil that they can't help but post "BUY A MAC! PROBLEM SOLVED!" to every thread. (If someone writes about pasta dishes, this is amended to "buy Mac & Cheese".)

B. The Linux Suicide Bombers - These violent crazies view the refusal of the masses to adopt their religious OS views as justification for endless abuse, because calling people "stupid", "sheep", "frightened", etc. is obviously the best way to convert them. [roll eyes] They are so wrapped up in their nerd superiority, they fail to see how fundamentally harmful they are to their cause.

Both camps share an elitist arrogance, but while the Mac hippies promise an iLife of leisure and creativity, weaving podcasts and blogs, the Linux jihadists offer endless flagellation with barbed chains as the path to spiritual purity and if anyone doesn't see the appeal of this lifestyle, well, they're just missing out on the fun.

Pffft. I just want to do stuff and play games. Bashing a shell isn't fun. Recompiling a kernel isn't entertainment. People who put enough gear in their garages to supply a NASCAR team – if you own an engine lift, seek therapy – shouldn't sneer at those who go to the QuikeeLube and the Linux r-tards should get over themselves and simply be *superior* in silence.
Nuff said!

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