Monday, April 16, 2007

John Cougar Ain't Big On The Chatting

As noted below, someone gave sanctimonious Hoosier John Mellencamp Intarweb access and he's been bombing the Meebo with the same posts over and over. A few times I've caught the incoming messages and tried to engage the doof whose initials are the same as a Marshall amp line with little success. A typical exchange:

[17:43] THE COUG!: rain on the scarecrow.
[17:43] THE COUG!: blood on the plow.
[17:43] THE COUG!: your friend, john cougar mellencamp.
[17:43] dirkbelig: JACK AND DIANE, BITCH!!!!
[17:43] THE COUG!: a/k/a little johnny cougar THE COUG!
[17:44] dirkbelig: CHILI DOG!!!!
[17:44] dirkbelig: TASTEE FREEZE!!!!!
[17:44] Meebo Message: THE COUG! has left your page
Well, I guess this is better than trying to pick up sheriff's deputies online.

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