Monday, April 16, 2007

A Comment On Comments.

On the last item, about THE COUG! spamming the Meebo, I received a comment from an Anonymous Pussy asking about the surge in Iraq. What that has to do with THE COUG!, I'm uncertain, but I replied that preliminary results are promising, but the Treason Media was deliberately downplaying anything that contradicted their predetermined storyline of failure and defeat.

The AP then replied with an unsourced and probably context-distorted piece which supposedly proved that all is lost and blah-blah-woof-woof. It's all sneering ad hominems with the Left. They simply can't discuss anything politely because they're so mad with BDS.

Since the comments weren't backed up with anything to verify them against and they were off-topic, I deleted them all. I figured that this Anonymous Pussy would fill his diaper and within a short time, I wasn't disappointed.

I see my post has disappeared. Just as I suspected. Afraid to be shown up as the ignorant person you are. Afraid of the truth. Afraid to engage in debate with someone who actually knows what they are talking about. That's OK. Continue to wallow in your loud mouthed ignorance. Then run away scared and delete your posts and mine when you are shown to be wrong. For a minute there I actually thought you had some balls. You remind me of Fonzie - "I was wr-wr-wr. I was wr-wr-wr." Say it Dirk - "I was wrong!"

The surge is working. Yeah, hello. If only it were true. History has caught up with you. To bad you are not man enough to admit it. Go on now - run away scared like one of your cats.
Isn't it amusing that this Anonymous Pussy accuses me of being unwilling to debate and being afraid of the truth when instead of commenting on on-topic news items or e-mailing me directly at the address provided, he merely lobs specious tinfoil grenades with no way of replying directly. Anyone can set up a free-mail account with which to hide their identity if what they have to share is so crucial, but this Anonymous Pussy doesn't want to be bothered.

Nope, this brave ideological warrior doesn't want anyone to refute his lies in open debate. I've torn this guy (and his sound-alike kin) new ones so many times it's almost pitiful to see them slamming against the rocks of Truth and Reality. Unlike liars like Frank Bitch and Rosie O'Dumbass, there's no need to fabricate the insane words of the Left when they so are so willing to step up and proclaim their unhinged rage, hatred and disassociation with reality.

Who's afraid? Me or the Anonymous Pussy who refuses to even argue where people can argue back? When you've got the Truth on your side, what is there to be afraid of, eh, Mr. Anonymous Pussy?

Future off-topic comments will be rejected. I've got no problem with discussing issues that I haven't had time to post about. If an interesting debate occurs offline, I'll post it here if it's enlightening. No harm can come from learning the Truth, no matter where it leads. However, lies, spin and delusions will be righteously smacked down with cheer and glee.


Anonymous said...

"Since the comments weren't backed up with anything to verify them against and they were off-topic, I deleted them all."

Funny stuff! Off topic? I'm the only one who comments on your blog. Doe it really matter that it was off topic?

If you wanted to verify the comments, all you had to do was google a phrase. Here is the full quote direct from the press conference on Pence's own blog. Is this out of context? You tell me.

"Before I left for Baghdad, my 12-year-old daughter asked me to buy her a souvenir and I had responded by reminding her gently that I was visiting Iraq and that wouldn’t be possible. As I stood on the street, I decided to come through after all. I bought my kids some rugs in Baghdad, Iraq. The merchant almost refused to take my money. He kept touching his heart and shaking his head no. His eyes, like so many others, radiated with affection and appreciation. He wanted to give me the rugs. I insisted that he accept my ten dollars and, happily, he relented."

For the merchant's response - link is below. Scroll down to "Update" - then click on the link in the phrase "From NPR's report -- audio here". You will hear the merchant speaking. I guess next you are going to tell me that NPR is "Treason Media" and they faked the interview. Right? Here is the quote again:

"I didn't accept the money. I said to myself, they must be guests, so I must give them a good impression of Iraqis. After all, we are occuped by these Americans, and they are accompanied by a lot of U.S. security." He went on to say: "We are not against the resistance. We are with them. However, the resistance must fight the occupiers, not the Iraqi people. A huge number of U.S. forces came yesterday. Why didn't they shoot at them, instead of harming us?"

Context distorted, my ass. The full info is more damning than what I posted.

Google a little more if you want - "21 dead Shorja market". 21 shopkeepers from the Shorja market were ambushed and executed a couple days after McCain's visit. Did you know that? I say no.

I guess if it is news you don't want to hear, all you have to do is claim it is from the Treason Media, right?

Preliminary results are not promising. Did you know that more US soldiers died last month than Iraqi soldiers? Does that sound like the Iraq Army is "standing up"? I would say no. What do you say?

Violence is down in Baghdad because Sadr has ordered his milita to stand down. A deal was cut with Maliki. Violence is up in the rest of Iraq. Sorry, too lazy to find you cites. If you question my veracity, then I will find them for you. I hope the info I provided above will assure you that I do not post false information.

Now you can argue back. :)

Dirk Belligerent said...

See? Was that so hard to do? No, I will not waste my time Googling quotes in the hope that I find what you're referring to. Post some links so that we can all see who your sources are and then we can see what's what.

It should be noted by all who review your citations that you are allied with the likes of Greenwald in that absolutely nothing but the worst gloss possible will do because to you and your fellow traveller, the enemy is not Islamofascism, but Dubya and anyone who doesn't share in your fascist, totalitarian agenda.

Greenwald provides a perfect example of the Orwell-on-crack-and-steroids tactic of the lying Left: They lie about their ideological foes by saying that everything they say is a lie and when they (conservatives) call the (liberal) liars liars, that it's the conservatives who are lying.

Whew! That makes your head spin, donnit?

In addition to the usual hypocrisies, ad hominems, lies and distortions of the typical fascist liberal, the key to understanding the pathology of the liberal is to know what the term "projection" means. According to Wikipedia, it is "a defense mechanism in which one attributes ("projects") to others, one’s own unacceptable or unwanted thoughts or/and emotions." This is why liberals constantly shriek that non-liberals are liars, fascists, blah-blah-woof-woof: Because they know that THEY are the lying, fascist blah-woofs.

Fascist liberals wish to rule and are so emotionally stunted and immature that when they aren’t in total power over free men, they frankly go batshit nutty. I’ve dubbed the condition “the Left’s Divine Right to rule.” They believe that some celestial force – certainly not God, cuz there ain’t no such thing to them; they are the gods themselves – has appointed them Eternal Rulers of Man and when the voters don’t agree with them, they start shoveling handfuls of poo out of their Dydees and flinging it at their foes.

When Al Gore LOST – that’s L-O-S-T, losers – the 2000 Election, the collective Left hivemind snapped and was consumed by Bush Derangement Syndrome and Mr. Anonymous Pussy and people like Greenwald who speaks sooth to their diseased minds are locked in a fugue state in which anything that doesn’t hew to the their agenda of the destruction of Dubya and the crushing and humbling of America must be rabidly attacked.

In the Orwellian overdrive of Greenwald’s screed, you will find multiple instances of Mike Pence’s optimistic statements being twisted into proof that he was lying all along. Well, if your skewed view of unreality requires that nothing but bad news is true news, than of course you’ll call someone a liar. Anonymous Pussy provided another example when he seized upon my calling initial results “promising” as somehow meaning “overwhelmingly successful.” I didn’t say that, but that doesn’t stop obsessed lunatics from trying to bamboozle others into believing some alternate reality version of what “promising” means.

You’ll also note that they always explain away any gains as being manipulated by the other side. We’re not winning; they’re sandbagging. America is hopeless; only the Mighty Sword of Islam can rightfully claim victory. Yadda-yadda-yadda. What does it say about the values of Anon Puss et al when the worst thing they can conceive of is victory over Islamofascism?

Before the 2004 Elections, when I’d already tried to warn the unhinged Dems that they’d picked the worst possible candidate to challenge the inarticulate and faltering Dubya, they didn’t want to hear it. They thought their inherent superiority would be enough. BZZZT!!! WRONG ANSWER!!! This is why jokers like RFK, Jr. went on a two year jihad to promulgate the myth of rigged voting machines – a scam that was in balls-out operation until mid-afternoon of the last election when they realized they didn’t need to cry wolf because they were going to get more votes and win. Notice how all the faux cries of concern about “every vote counting” died away the moment the Left won? That silence speaks volumes about what they really care about.

But I digress….as I’ve mentioned on Dirkworld before, I challenged these unhinged moonbats as to whether they were willing to accept victory in the war, fewer dead soldiers and a rebounding economy even if it meant Dubya and the Stupid Party staying in control.

Not one would make that trade.

It was more important that these fascists regain power than our soldiers be spared and people have jobs. People like Anonypuss see every casket as a soap box to campaign upon and the more, the better. America is weak. America is defeated. America is lost.” is the mantra of Greenwald and AP because to say otherwise will not be dispiriting enough for the public to flee Dubya and vote for the chains of the Democratic Fascist Party.

Dubya has fooked up this non-war just about every way possible. I’ve said it before and (unfortunately) will probably say it again. Even the most optimistic supporters of the surge have commented on how if we hadn’t botched everything before, this wouldn’t have been necessary now. Newt Gingrich and an all-star cast of conservative thinkers have been rightfully harsh on Dubya & Co.’s half-assed handling of things, so when you see the lies of liars like Crouching Greenwald, Hiding Pussy saying otherwise, go and look for yourself. The Truth is out there.

Since it’s 3 am and I’ve wasted time and lost sleep responding to a load of crap that some Anonymous Pussy thought I’d be too frightened to dissect and dismiss – guessed wrong again, didn’t you beyatch? – here are a few little intellectual honesty and reality checks you can run for yourselves when dealing with these lying sacks of sociopathic manure:

1. Do they ever give Dubya credit for doing anything right? I mean anything, no matter how small a plus it is?

2. Do they ever fault their Unholy Messiah, Bill Clinton, for his failure to respond to multiple attacks in the Nineties? (Greenwald’s tract doesn’t even have the letter C-L-I in it; not even as “click”.)

3. Clinton, Gore, Kerry, Kennedy, Edwards and every Dem said in 1998 that Saddam had WMDs, but in 2001, suddenly he was benign as a kitten and all charges have been faked up by Team Dubya. What happened other than the (D) changing to an (R) and why does the Left think that we can’t remember what happened less than a decade ago and have Google and Lexis/Nexus to search for what they try to toss down the Memory Hole?

4. Why is it that all news must be bad news to make them happy? In the fevered minds of the likes of AP, every single Iraqi must be thought to hate us and be plotting to kill us. Every single one? Really? The only ones with any gratitude are all Halliburton employees or plants of the VRWC?

The final question that should be considered is this: Under what circumstances will they settle for anything less than totalitarian domination? A Dem MUST be elected in ’09 or else. To what ends will they go? How many people will have to die for their campaign for power? Since everything in the world is Dubya’s fault, what better fortune could the Hillary!/Obama ticket have than an Al Queda nuke going off in a Red State?

They’ll blame it on Dubya – like every death in the War is, cuz, you know, Dick Cheney personally triggers the IEDs in order to get more Halliburton stock options (back-dated like Steve Jobs, natch) – it’ll reduce the Stupid Party voter base and they’ll campaign on a platform built from the steaming, radioactive ash of the corpses that they aren’t Dubya, ergo, they must be returned to the throne to rule us.

The last line of AP’s post was the most ironic and sad: ”I hope the info I provided above will assure you that I do not post false information.”

Translation: ”I’m hoping that you’ll swallow these lies as easily and eagerly as I did.”

Thus concludes this demonstration of the psychotic liberal mind. Thank you for your assistance. Once again, I couldn’t make up this stuff and I consider myself to be slightly creative. Cheers.