Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Hottie Hotterson's Loser Cheer!

If there was ever a time that subscribing to a "strong family values" philosophy could become a major inconvenience, this is it.

The idea is silly; the cheer is lame; but the sight of Hottie Hotterson - aka Michelle Malkin, the World's Hottest Conservative Pundit - in a miniskirt...priceless. (Go ahead and mute the sound and enjoy.)

Absolutely MILFtastic!

In case you're watching at work and need to get some coffee and don't want a tent pole which could lead to a sexual harrassment claim, here is a shot of the Great Dane, er, Grand Dame of the Washington Treason Media corps, Helen Thomas, to soften you up:

Whoops! Wrong picture! Here's the right one:

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