Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Fake Documentary Alert!!!

Remember "Sicko"? That was supposed to be Michael Moore's follow-up to his liberal porn epic "Farginghype 7-11" making up sh*t about the pharmaceutical industry, but it appears that he doesn't care about poor people supposedly being soaked for their medicine when he can exploit the people soaked by Hurricane Katrina for his own personal enrichment.

Ergo, that brings us Katrina: The Wrath Of Bush which has already been giving a slot at the Canne Film Festival, home to all cinema that is anti-American. Gotta love those French - we sacrifice thousands of soldiers to liberate them from the Nazis and they repay us by taking oil bribes from Saddam and opposing our self-defense.

I see that the Muslims are rioting and burning over there. Don't call us, Francoise.

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